Sep 20 2014

A Blast From The Past: The History Of Outsourcing

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When most people think of Outsourcing, what comes to mind is usually basic information that’s not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there’s a lot more to Outsourcing than just the basics.

Outsourcing has become a common term used in businesses – big or small. It is the process of hiring organizations to do specific functions for a certain company. Most often than not, most of the outsourced jobs are those that are not directly related to the core of the business activities.

Rather, the functions are those that can be considered as non-core business activities or those that are not related to the main business but are somehow quite necessary for businesses in general.

Outsourcing, as it has been proven for the past few years, has become an essential part of businesses. Companies from all over the globe practice it but how many really know what the history of outsourcing is.

Just like with any other things, outsourcing too has a beginning. To be able to appreciate what outsourcing really is, a quick look at its history is necessary.

The Roots

It has been said that outsourcing started ever since people began producing and selling items such as tools, food, and household items. As society and communities grew, people began to do specialized works and traded with other people goods for services and vice versa. Looking at it, it can be said that people a thousand years ago were already practicing a form of outsourcing.

The more authentic information about Outsourcing you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Outsourcing expert. Read on for even more Outsourcing facts that you can share.

When the industrial age came between the years 1800s to 1900s, companies were vertically integrated and did not practice outsourcing. Each company took care of everything from production to manufacturing to deliveries. Companies in these era handled their own payrolls, taxes, and hired their own lawyers. Everything was an internal affair. This kind of setup however does not encompass all organizations at that time but this was the trend at that time.

As time passed by, specialization contracting gained popularity especially in the field of service industry. This was the beginning of the modern outsourcing practice. During the industrial revolution, services such as insurance, engineering and architecture have begun to be outsourced to 3rd part organizations although the client company and the specialized organization usually just belong to the same area or country.

The Beginnings Of Offshore Outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing was growing to be more and more productive for businesses. It all started out with outsourcing low-valued items such as apparels and toys and transcended to outsourcing items with higher values such as appliances and other electronic gadgets. In the history of outsourcing, it was manufacturing that first left the main land to offshore destinations. This move by businesses was for the chance to save on costs.

At first, offshore outsourcing garnered a few apprehensions from business proprietors. But with the improvement of logistics, offshore outsourcing gained popularity. With the development in education and skills of lower wage countries, the value of offshore outsourcing became higher. In fact, during the 1970s, computer related manufacturing was also outsourced offshore. The process of outsourcing just grew and has never stopped since.

Today, outsourcing different functions has never been easier with the help of the information technology. Data can easily be sent and received through the information superhighway. It is not uncommon to see in your daily items such as in the R & D of your prescription drugs that they are outsourced to companies in other countries.

The day will come when you can use something you read about here to have a beneficial impact. Then you’ll be glad you took the time to learn more about Outsourcing.

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Sep 15 2014

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outsourcing

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Outsourcing is an arrangement wherein a company subcontracts services to another company. The aim of this is, if not to cut costs, to employ skills that are not available in-house. Today, the increase in the number of outsourcing companies has put outsourcing in the spotlight, and debates on whether it is undesirable or desirable have been many. Summing it up, a lot of commercial companies are all for it, while employee unions are often against it.

Business enterprises usually opt to go for outsourcing for the following benefits:

(1) Cost savings, including cost re-structuring. Businesses become successful when they are able to minimize costs, and outsourcing provides this advantage. For example, an automobile company can cut on their expenditures if they buy the parts they need, and simply put them together.

(2) Quality control. By outsourcing, companies are able to tap better into pools of expertise and gain access to intellectual property, as well as sustainable sources of skills. Moreover, this method avoids the time-consuming process of training to develop the particular services in-house. Also, by providing new service-level agreements in their contracts, enterprises are able to make sure that the quality of the outputs or products isn?t lost. These contracts usually contain penalties or legal redress for transgressions.

(3) Time-related advantages. It is possible that services are made available everyday, at any time of the week. This is achievable because the services can be done in different locations with time zones. When the organization from Country A goes off-duty, the organization from Country B can take over. Not only that, a product can also be speedily developed and marketed because of outsourcing.

Going back the automobile company example, they can stock up on the different parts of cars in their warehouses, and just assemble. There is no time needed to manufacture the parts, and they are always at hand in their depots.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

Unions, on the other hand, argue that outsourcing harms a local labor force. Outsourcing results in fewer jobs, and this can be observed everywhere. This happens because services that can be done in home organizations are now shifted to other locations, especially to countries that work for cheaper labor.

Consequently, the labor rates will decline, especially since there will be competition for jobs. Unemployment will definitely affect a country?s economy. There are also some complaints that the true business value of services aren?t realized and so aren?t paid enough for. Some take it further and call it exploitation of lower-paid employees.

In another angle, language barriers are eyed as being detrimental to the quality of service. When the services are drawn from places with different culture or when the first language is dissimilar, it could do more harm than help.

Furthermore, it is possible that since data is moved around, leakages or even misuse of information can happen. There was a case before of bank accounts being tampered with when call center workers were able to get a hold of customer accounts.

There also exist claims that outsourcing is actually counter-productive, and that instead of purchasing actual technology to improve the company, enterprises are instead, resorting to outsourcing. This could lead to dependency.

In conclusion, there are two sides to a coin. To outsource or not is up to the company. Whatever methods they choose have both good and bad effects, although the good part will mostly be enjoyed by the business enterprise.

As your knowledge about Outsourcing continues to grow, you will begin to see how Outsourcing fits into the overall scheme of things. Knowing how something relates to the rest of the world is important too.

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Sep 08 2014

An Overview Of Manufacturing Outsourcing

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The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Outsourcing.

The on-going growth of the outsourcing industry is not an entirely new trend. As a matter of fact, it has been gradually increasing in size and number for several years now. Prior to the release of countless IT innovations, companies in urbanized countries have been accustomed to the term and practice of manufacturing outsourcing. They usually outsource manufacturing jobs to other developing nations nearby.

As a general rule, the system involves the outsourcing of jobs related to the manufacturing industry. A good number of companies also wind up building their own factory outlets out of the country, where the production materials are typically cheaper and labor costs are considerably lower. Canada, South Africa and Mexico are some of the countries that embrace this type of industry.

Manufacturing Outsourcing Vs. IT Outsourcing

Despite the numerous semblance in terms, manufacturing and information technology outsourcing are two different areas of interest in the sense that they vary significantly in their relative pace and the additional overheads involved.

Manufacturing outsourcing was a fairly sluggish process that entailed the shifting of manufactured merchandise from the factory outlets in developing nations to their final destination. This scheme led to numerous job openings, especially in the transport sector. On the other hand, the IT sourcing industry failed to give rise to further work opportunities. This is mainly because of the fact that information is routinely exchanged by means of computers.

Manufacturing Outsourcing: The Products

The mass production of clothes and other garments in various Asian countries is a clear-cut example of manufacturing outsourcing. Companies from the United States typically outsource the manufacture of goods in nations that offer lower production costs.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

Microchips and other electronic parts are also candidates of manufacturing outsourcing. Giant electronic firms typically set up their own factories complete with the necessary technology needed for the production, as well as the packaging, of their goods.

Aside from the usual ready-to-wear apparels and microprocessors, the manufacturing industry also outsources various types of goods. One of which is the production of biomedical merchandise. As a matter of fact, it has become a widespread practice in numerous biotech firms, both big and small.

Outsourcing a wide array of tasks like regulatory filing, pre-clinical testing, and molecular genetics makes it possible for bigger companies to concentrate on their main transactions. In addition, it allows smaller firms to cut back on production processes that they?re not well equipped to carry out.

One such operation may include the creation of innovative drugs intended for clinical trials, which entails putting together a suitable facility. Needless to say, the monetary risk is notably great considering the fact that FDA approval has not been obtained yet.

As biotech firms take contractual or full-time consultants into service to supervise outsourcing operations and handle communications, the pervasiveness of manufacturing outsourcing has indeed created a new forte in the biomedical industry.

Coming across a highly regarded and dependable service provider necessitates the need to take a number of things into account. Aside from the expected overheads, concerns that surround the management of proprietary information, manufacturer site, contract validity, quality monitoring, level of outsourcing, communication issues and data storage should also be considered.

Indeed, an eclectic array of products could easily fall under the wide umbrella of manufacturing outsourcing, given that certain conditions are fulfilled. Then again, company owners need to view the issue from all corners so as to ensure that the advantages are far greater than the cons; otherwise, the losses could also be as enormous as the prospective gain.

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Sep 04 2014

Outsourcing In Your Business: Pros And Cons

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Outsourcing is a normal part of today?s modern economy. Companies and organizations hire services of other companies to do specific works. Not just that, there are a lot of books, articles, literatures and seminars with outsourcing as the topic.

Outsourcing garners both positive and negative feedbacks. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, most of the time, the advantages or disadvantages depend on the situation.

Pros Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing has been the source of many debates and discussions by both workers and the media especially in developed countries. These kinds of discussions however may only be temporary and may die down in the near future as the perspective of people mature.

One way of looking positively at outsourcing is the mere fact that it can help companies and organizations cut cost as well as it can give them the edge over other competing companies. Outsourcing also provides opportunities for other people to showcase their skills and talents in producing high quality products.

Basically, the main advantage of outsourcing is in the facet of finance. By outsourcing several functions of a company, operational costs can be cut down. In fact, operational costs can be cut down to as high as fifty percent when outsourcing. Why? First, companies can avail of cheaper but nonetheless very efficient labor. Second, since the company does not need to provide training anymore for a specific function, they can remove the budget for training.

Another pro of outsourcing is getting better results or output. Remember, you are hiring a person or an organization that specializes in a specific task. These organizations have the knowledge as well as the tools to efficiently do a specific task or job.

If you find yourself confused by what you’ve read to this point, don’t despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

Focus is also another pro of outsourcing. Instead of the company focusing on non-core functions, they can put all their efforts on the core – the more important aspects of the business. This is because all the non-core functions are already outsourced to other companies.

Cons Of Outsourcing

There are some people who see outsourcing as a disadvantage rather as an advantage but this probably because this idea is quite new especially in newly developed countries. But the truth of the matter is, there are actually several cons in outsourcing.

One of the most controversial aspects of outsourcing is trust. When hiring a certain company for their services, you need to be able to trust them that they will do the job as ordered or that they will provide you with very good results. Trust is also needed especially when it comes to confidentiality. A certain hired company may stab you in the back and sell information to some of your company?s competitors. Though these are rare circumstances, they do and can happen.

To Outsource Or Not To Outsource

To outsource or not to outsource: that is the question. Given the facts ? the pros and cons of outsourcing, should your company outsource or not. As have been said, this all depends on the situation. If a company has the ability to stand alone by itself since it has all the tasks covered, then there may not be a need to outsource tasks.

However, if you think that the company needs to put more effort on the core competencies of the company rather than the non-core aspects, then you may opt to go for outsourcing.

As your knowledge about Outsourcing continues to grow, you will begin to see how Outsourcing fits into the overall scheme of things. Knowing how something relates to the rest of the world is important too.

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Aug 31 2014

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing

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Imagine the next time you join a discussion about Outsourcing. When you start sharing the fascinating Outsourcing facts below, your friends will be absolutely amazed.

Outsourcing can be both a life saver and a project saver. It will prevent you and your employees to become totally stressed out. Rather than putting so much pressure to them, you can seek for the help of people from the outside who also needs work.

It deals on a lot of benefits, not only for the owners of the company but also for the people working in the company. The employees can earn high salary while the owners are saving cost of manpower.

Here are the benefits of outsourcing:

? Reduce the cost. This is the most influential factors for the companies to push through with outsourcing. As of now, most of the international companies go for the strategy because they know that it will increase their profit and at the same time lessen their operation expenses. However, experts often remind that it should not be the main priority of the company owners for adopting outsourcing in their company.

? Increases the skills and the service extended by the company.
Due to the increase in man power, the company is able to increase their production and be able to meet their goal on the exact date or even prior to the deadline. This is most applicable for people who have been expert outsourcing providers because they already know the strategies that are applicable for the company.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

The recruitment of new employees can also quickly move, while reducing the turnover cost of the employees. It will then lead to speeding up of the pace of growth.

? Boost for greater expertise. Today, with the process of outsourcing more credible and potential individuals especially the fresh college graduates who are applying in call centers. This provides an avenue for them to explore their skills. It also caters higher levels of specialist and trainers for faster learning of the graduates who want to be employed.

? It enhances the capability of decision making. This is most particular for the human resource outsourcing whereas the administration can have the chance to focus on the policies that are implemented. They can also study it thoroughly.

? It aids in organizational growth. Since the task will be imparted to several branches, it will be easier for the company to deliver business objectives.

Outsourcing is an important tool for the success of your business. If you will only learn about the techniques for using it, you will surely hit your goal.

That’s the latest from the Outsourcing authorities. Once you’re familiar with these ideas, you’ll be ready to move to the next level.

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Aug 28 2014

Company Tasks On Offshore Outsourcing

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If you’re seriously interested in knowing about Outsourcing, you need to think beyond the basics. This informative article takes a closer look at things you need to know about Outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing is a successful business tool for providing clients satisfactions for costs and quality resources and services in competitive markets building mutual relationships based on trust and respect. Offshore outsourcing can offer big reductions cost. However, there is an additional expenditure on vendor selection and work transitions of outsourcing companies.

There are a lot of jobs needing the help of offshore outsourcing companies. Job classifications includes job which do not require direct transactions from the costumers, telework jobs, repetitive jobs containing high information that can be transmitted via the internet and are much easier to set up.

Offshore outsourcing companies are hired for performing some or all the business tasks for your convenience in one or more country where the products or services are sold and consumed. An offshore outsourcing company only provides outsourced support and services after the amount was paid since sales are being done by the original company.

? They can handle all data entries for easier business transactions online. They convert existing paper information into electronic formats with zero defects available to employees and consumers.

You may not consider everything you just read to be crucial information about Outsourcing. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days.

? They provide management supports to their clients specifically production management, supervising applications, tracking and fixing bugs, level one to three support through a phone or email, doing and reporting of jobs for a long term success.

? They are well equipped with the latest development in software technology for custom designing and web applications helpful in successful business operations. Businesses processes are automated allowing efficient communications between associates, employees and clients.

One of the global trends is the growing industry on Information technology giving various options to organizations for hiring software development providers with expertise and is cost effective on their services

Hiring Offshore Outsourcing Company is an effective strategic plan if implemented as part of the whole program for building high quality IT organization to maintain competitive benefits. Offshore Outsourcing Company has greater experience and skills in delivering high quality outsourcing services on information technology, reduces IT costs operations for software development.

? The Offshore Outsourcing Company has a testing team for ensuring the best quality and performance of the software development they are using. This is to lessen business pressures and target marketing projections. Test period are shortened due to resource problems and delays on some stages of development. But offshore outsourcing companies are able to fill these gaps without affecting the budget and proposed deadlines. Test Plan is used for performing testing and getting document results.

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Aug 20 2014

What is Call Center Outsourcing

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Call center is one of the leading and most in demand businesses in the world today. Companies paved the way of providing more employment opportunities to a lot of people in various countries by outsourcing.

There is an important strategy behind the success of call centers. And, this is because of outsourcing strategy. This is considered as the best way to increase cost effectiveness of the said companies.

Due to the initiative of the pioneering call center companies particularly in the United States, the rest of the companies in some countries are encouraged to follow. They are able to realize that outsourcing is indeed helpful and very profitable. In fact, the cost effectiveness of the call centers reach as high as fifty percent.

Imagine just for the last four years of the utilization of outsourcing strategy, the call center companies are able to save more than billion dollars for the manpower alone. Aside from that, they are able to give help as well to millions of people who are seeking for employment with the right compensation.

Here are the following benefits of outsourcing in call centers:

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

1. In most of the types of productions, labor cost attains the highest share in the entire operating expenses. Now with the use of outsourcing the labor cost is evenly distributed. Thus, it results to more savings but greater profit.

2. Most of the call centers are able to hire more competent employees who graduated from well-known universities. This is due to the high salary that is offered in Call centers. Typically, the salary they are getting here is much more than the salary they will gain from other companies, especially in third world countries.

3. It also boosts the offshore capability. From merely having the simple transaction outsourcing opens a gate for multi-national companies around the world. This is because the large companies realize the potential of the leading service providers.

There are three different options in terms of the operational approach in the call center. First is the captive facility that deals on the finance and savings control of the call centers. Second is the third party referring to the lowering of cost of the set up operation and the third is the joint venture.

The call center today is not a temporary job anymore for most of its employees; rather it is now a career that they want to commit to because of the benefits that call center can give them.

You can’t predict when knowing something extra about Outsourcing will come in handy. If you learned anything new about Outsourcing in this article, you should file the article where you can find it again.

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Aug 17 2014

Reaping The Benefits Of Outsourcing

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Outsourcing was once the playground of big players in the economy. With the dawn of the Internet however, the smaller fishes have been given the chance and opportunity to take part in the outsourcing business. ?But what is the big fuss about outsourcing anyway?? Outsourcing, in today?s economy, can provide companies, big or small, benefits.

Cost Advantages

Cost advantages is one of the benefits of outsourcing. This can be done through outsourcing to other countries such as the Philippines and India. You can avail of services at a lower cost without sacrificing the quality since they also provide the same level of quality, sometimes even higher, to outsourcing services in the United States.

Examples of the services that are usually outsourced in other countries are teleradiology, call center services, and medical billing. By doing this, companies can cut down their costs to as high as one hundred percent when outsourcing. This is probably the best benefit companies can get when companies outsource.

Huge Amounts Of Savings

Savings does not just pertain to money. When outsourcing, companies can also save on time, effort, manpower and infrastructure.

Time can be saved with outsourcing. Since you just assign specialized tasks to specific companies, there is no need to spend time on things such as planning and training people.

In outsourcing, companies do not have to invest in infrastructure thus there is no need to make a budget for any unneeded fixed investments. Also, the company does not have to maintain or change infrastructure.

When it comes to training costs, companies do not have to shell out money since there is no need to invest in manpower. There is no need to purchase new tools and equipment for specific jobs and functions.

See how much you can learn about Outsourcing when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don’t miss out on the rest of this great information.

Increase Your Profits

Huge amounts of savings plus high quality work equals increase in profits. This is due to the fact that companies can give more focus on the core of the business rather than on the non-core aspect.

Outsourcing can increase profits especially if the outsourced company provides high quality service at a lower cost.

Increase Level Of Efficiency

With the company focusing on the core of the business, results can be expected to be better. With non-core aspects of the business outsourced to other companies specializing in specific jobs, better results too are to be expected. This efficiency can provide the client company the efficiency it needs and even better.

Spreading The Risks

When different tasks are distributed through outsourcing, risks held by one person can be divided to several other groups. This also means that risks are lessened since tasks are given duly to people who specialize in them. If one group of people commits a mistake, the work of another group will not be in any way affected especially in terms of quality. Problems can also be easily fixed since the sources can be easily detected and pinpointed.

Providing Opportunity

This is not a benefit for the outsourcing client company but for the people who provide the service. Because of outsourcing, a lot of people were given the opportunity to have work. This is especially true to big companies in the United States outsourcing in countries such as India and the Philippines.

This also proves that the benefits of outsourcing go two ways: for the client company and the companies who provide the services.

When word gets around about your command of Outsourcing facts, others who need to know about Outsourcing will start to actively seek you out.

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Aug 14 2014

Let the Application Management Outsourcing Do the Technical Thing

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You have decided to expand your business operation by establishing a remote office in a certain location. However, you are worrying about the management procedures for your remote business office. Establishing a server for the creation of your business network is quite hard to achieve. You do not want to sacrifice most of your resources just to compliment all the expenses you will meet operating such remote office.

Fortunately, you can now make use of the application management outsourcing (AMOS) which can provide you flexibility in your remote management application for your business network. It will help you manage your application management and at the same time providing the same attention to your principal business infrastructure. It provides you services such as maintenance of your servers and infrastructure of your business network. The consultants assigned for your network will take care of the application through non-stop monitoring, maintenance, and extensive upgrades of the existing systems.

Application management outsourcing provides numerous benefits, which includes the following:

1. You can be assured that your system will receive continuous support, especially there is a need to outsource personnel with specialized skills in maintenance and support of the networking system of your business.

2. The cost on providing support to your business network is quite low than maintaining your remote application without application management outsourcing. AMOS offers you significantly-improved services for competitive costs.

The best time to learn about Outsourcing is before you’re in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable Outsourcing experience while it’s still free.

3. AMOS? consultants will provide you the meticulous attention as possible to your remote application network. You will not be worrying about technological deficiencies anymore; let the consultants deal the matter so that you can concentrate more on your business? organization strategies.

These are the following services offered by application management outsourcing to its clients:

1. Continuous monitoring of your network and reporting any unusual incidents happened to the network itself, hardware, operating system, database, and application.

2. Administration of the elements associated with your network, hardware, operating system, database, and application. This includes maintenance, security management, troubleshooting, capacity planning, network tuning and configuration, user administration, and other related improvements.

3. Client support which takes care of all support and services after the completion of service from the initial completion team is achieved. All service procedures have already initiated and automated to ensure optimized tracking of technical problems.

Application management outsourcing provides you the stability of your network for your remote management application as well as security of your system against possible problems. You do not have to worry about the technical aspects of your business; you can now focus more on the management and organizational matters of your business.

Now might be a good time to write down the main points covered above. The act of putting it down on paper will help you remember what’s important about Outsourcing.

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Aug 13 2014

A Closer Look At Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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The growing scarcity of talent around the world and its potential effect on global productivity continues to be a problem for various businesses, governments and private individuals. Thanks to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), companies can now trim down the resources they need to devote to hiring so that more time and effort can be concentrated on core competencies.

What is RPO?

RPO is a type of business process outsourcing wherein a company ?either big or small? turns over all or a fraction of its recruitment functions to a service provider. Based on the statement released by the RPO Association, recruitment process outsourcing takes place when an external provider operates as the company?s internal hiring department for all or a portion of its job openings.

RPO service providers deal with all of the recruitment steps from the profiling to the reception of newly hired employees. A well-managed RPO will also increase the company?s recruitment time, improve the quality of the applicant pool, make demonstrable metrics available, drive down overheads and enhance legislative compliance.

Alternatively, intermittent recruitment support such as transitory, contingency and decision-making search services is more comparable to co-sourcing, out-tasking, or simply sourcing. In this case in point, the external service provider is the source of specific types of hiring functions.

The major difference between recruitment process outsourcing and other kinds of recruitment lies in the fact that the first assumes possession of the process while the latter is merely part of the process being dealt with by the company that purchases their services.

It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of Outsourcing is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about Outsourcing.

The Benefits

Promoters of RPO assert that the solution tenders enhancement in quality, service, speed and costs. In addition to that, the cost benefits that a company acquires because of business growth?also known as economies of scale?allows them to offer staffing processes at a much lower expenditure while economies of scope makes it possible for them to function as first-rate specialists. Economies of both scale and scope are believed to arise out of a bigger team of recruiters, records of applicant resumes, and venture in recruitment networks and tools.

Recruitment process outsourcing solutions are also deemed to alter preset investment costs into flexible overheads that oscillate together with fluctuations in recruitment activity. Businesses may pay via transaction instead of by team member, therefore staying away from under-use or imposing costly discharge of recruitment personnel when activity is sluggish.

The Drawbacks

If a business does not succeed in defining its overall recruitment tactics and hiring goals, then any recruitment plan have a tendency to fall short in meeting the company?s requirements. This is particularly true for outsourced services such as RPO. It may only be successful in the context of a well-delineated business and recruitment strategy.

Like any program, a company ought to supervise its RPO operations. It must make preliminary guidance available, as well as continuous monitoring, in order to ensure the preferred outcome. On the whole, giving directions to external activities can exhibit a considerable challenge concerning management. Outsourcing of business processes may be unsuccessful or demonstrate an inadequate organizational fit. Thus, an inappropriately executed RPO could also lead to diminished recruitment efficiency.

Another possible drawback of recruitment process outsourcing involves an over-sized expenditure meant for staffing transactions. In other words, the total sum could amount to more than the actual costs of an in-house recruitment division.

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