Feb 21 2014

Good News On Pregnancy And Multiple Sclerosis

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What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis, which is otherwise termed as MS, is actually an autoimmune disorder that mainly affects the central nervous system. This debilitating disease commonly affects females who are in their childbearing years.

This means that certain issues are regarded significantly in relation to their disease, such as conception, getting pregnant and delivery of the baby.

Some research findings show that pregnancy has both clinical and immunological effects in the disease process of multiple sclerosis. Also, there are data that discuss the efficacy and the safety of treatments aimed at immuno-modulating cases of MS. And, symptomatic therapies for lactating women and pregnant women are also included. Furthermore, the research also includes management modalities for multiple sclerosis during the duration of the pregnancy.

The good news

Having multiple sclerosis can be such bad news, since this disease is not only debilitating but it is also an autoimmune disorder. However, with this bad news comes good news. The good news is that pregnancy is not at all a problem when it comes to MS. In fact, research findings actually think it is quite beneficial. With this said, multiple sclerotic women do not have to be afraid of getting pregnant.

The only bad thing that could happen when pregnancy and multiple sclerosis happens together is that they just tend to have a bigger possibility in having caesarean deliveries and slow prenatal development, as compared to those who do not have MS.

You may not consider everything you just read to be crucial information about Multiple Sclerosis. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days.

But the advantage is such a big advantage because pregnant women with multiple sclerosis are no longer at risk for pre-eclampsia, other hypertensive pregnancy problems and a premature rupture of the membranes.

About the study

The study that was done made use of a national database that is usually utilized in nonfederal and short-stay hospitals in approximately thirty-eight states in the United States. There were an estimated total of eighteen million births, and that ten thousand of those who gave birth have multiple sclerosis.

An expert from the Stanford University School of Medicine named Eliza Chakravarty say that the results of the mentioned study are beneficial for females who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. They have shown that having multiple sclerosis during pregnancy does not increase the risk of acquiring pregnancy-related complications.

Many physicians have actually been uncertain about the many effects of MS on different conditions of patients. In this case, they were hesitant whether or not a person with MS can have a child. It was because of this uncertainty that doctors advised their female patients to delay or avoid getting pregnant, when they actually did not have to.

What medications to avoid

Female persons who have multiple sclerosis who have a desire to become pregnant just need to know that there are particular drugs that are able to treat MS but should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy and during lactation. Such drugs can be the causative factors for many kinds of birth defects that can be transmitted to the fetus via blood and to the infant via the colostrum found in breast milk.

Sometimes it’s tough to sort out all the details related to this subject, but I’m positive you’ll have no trouble making sense of the information presented above.

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Feb 17 2014

How To Diagnose Multiple Sclerosis

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The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage–at least it seems that way. If you’ve been thinking you need to know more about it, here’s your opportunity.


There is a collection of tests that are needed to finally diagnose multiple sclerosis. This is so because there is no single diagnostic exam that is entirely proof-positive for the disease?s diagnosis.

Since the whole diagnosing process is difficult, a neurologist should be consulted as an evaluator. There is a ten percent among those who are said to have multiple sclerosis that actually has a disease that merely mimics multiple sclerosis. Such diseases that are usually mistaken as multiple sclerosis are multiple strokes, brain infection, inflammation of the blood vessels, lupus and vitamin deficiency. There are also some stress-related diseases that are misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis.

How the diagnosis is made

An accurate diagnosis of multiple sclerosis needs a complete medical history plus a neurological examination, which examines both the brain and the spinal cord. A lot of the diagnosing part, if not all, greatly depends on the correct questions asked by the physician in order to correctly uncover or discover important information.

In addition to a thoroughly taken medical history and physical assessment, there is also a variety of highly specialized procedures that are extremely helpful. Such procedures are spinal taps, MRI which makes use of imaging techniques, lumbar punctures which examine the cerebrospinal fluid running through the spinal column, laboratory analysis of the person?s blood, and evoked potentials which are basically electrical tests that determine if the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis has affected the nerve pathways.

Think about what you’ve read so far. Does it reinforce what you already know about Multiple Sclerosis? Or was there something completely new? What about the remaining paragraphs?

Accepted criteria for diagnosis

First of all, it is in accordance to ongoing research that, multiple sclerosis occurs to those who are between twenty and fifty years of age. Aside from the weakening of the immune system, this age range is usually the one affected with the disease?s predisposing and precipitating etiologic factors.

For multiple sclerosis to be diagnosed there must be the presence of symptoms or signs that indicate damage or disease of the brain or the spinal cord. Also, since an MRI is compulsory, multiple sclerosis can only be diagnosed when there is evidence of two or more lesions. And of course, when all else fails and there is no other explanation for the underlying symptoms, the doctor could resort to diagnosing it as multiple sclerosis as long as the symptoms are congruent with that of the aforementioned disease.

What can be seen in the MRI scan?

With MRI, the neurologist is able to visualize any scar tissue in the deeper parts of the brain or the spinal cord due to the occurrence of multiple sclerosis. However, the very same lesions can also be seen in other conditions such as migraine headaches and hypertension. With this in mind, diagnosing multiple sclerosis is the last thing the physician would declare, since a group of tests are still needed to be done.

There is a five percent among those who have multiple sclerosis that does not show lesions on their MRI scan, probably because the lesions are somehow unique and cannot be easily detected by an MRI. Therefore, an MRI test is not completely depended on for immediately diagnosing or ruling out multiple sclerosis.

Now might be a good time to write down the main points covered above. The act of putting it down on paper will help you remember what’s important about Multiple Sclerosis.

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Feb 15 2014

Stem Cell Therapy Reverses Multiple Sclerosis

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Do you ever feel like you know just enough about Multiple Sclerosis to be dangerous? Let’s see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest info from Multiple Sclerosis experts.

In such a long time, it is only in this century that most of the impairments associated with the initial stages of multiple sclerosis can be reversed. This works by resetting their immune systems by making use of their very own stem cells.

Still, this kind of treatment is being further observed which necessitate some randomized clinical testing in order to confirm the test?s findings. However, this stem cell therapy is a good thing so that those who are still in the first stages of this disease can still have hope despite not having to undergo its drug regimen.

What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is actually an autoimmune disorder that predominantly affects the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath is basically made up of adipose tissue and it is wrapped around the nerve cells serving as a protective covering. Also, the myelin helps in speeding up the speed or the rate of the transmission between the brain, as it sends its signals, and the rest of the body. In MS, it is this myelin sheath that gets damaged.

What is best with treating MS is to immediately stop the attacks before there is further nerve cell impairment. And since MS is an autoimmune disease, this intervention is a definite must.

Stem cell treatment

A study was actually done regarding stem cell therapy and multiple sclerosis. The respondents were made up of twelve ladies and eleven gentlemen, who all had an early onset of the relapsing ? remitting type of MS. These respondents were chosen since their system failed to positively respond to interferon beta treatment, even after half a year.

If your Multiple Sclerosis facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don’t let important Multiple Sclerosis information slip by you.

Stem cells were removed from these respondents, specifically from their bone marrow. Afterwards, chemicals were used in order to destroy the already present immune cells inside the person?s body before preparing to re-inject the stem cells. The re-injected stem cells will progress into what are called ?naïve? immune cells which do recognize the myelin as self.

After three years of consistency in the treatment, seventeen of the overall total of respondents actually had an improved status on a standard disability scale. Moreover, none of the respondents died.

Reverse disability

Medical scientists say that this is the first time that reversing the disabilities associated with multiple sclerosis has actually been accomplished.

Although researchers admit that further testing is needed to confirm findings, but there is nothing to worry about because such tests are underway. Eventually, all thanks to stem cell transplant, those with MS are not forced to take drugs. Moreover, transplanting stem cells is a good thing for most since it is a one-off therapy.

Word from MS Society

Speakers from the MS Society have actually praised stem cell transplant for its positive results. Aside from stopping the debilitating disease from further progressing, the damages to the nerve conduction are also reversed.

At present, the potential of stem cells are become more and more recognized by many in the medical field. The only challenge relating to stem cells that remain is proving just how effective their transplantation is to big groups of people.

That’s how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.

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Feb 05 2014

Multiple Sclerosis Differential Diagnoses And Workups

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CSF exam

Upon examining the cerebrospinal fluid of those who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, otherwise referred to as MS, electrophoretic patterns can be observed. These patterns are made up of oligoclonal bands that indicate any significant increase in the person?s IgG. In fact, roughly eighty-five percent of MS patients demonstrate this finding.

Usually, the glucose level is within normal range. However, the protein level can be either normal or mildly increased. And the white blood cells range from slightly up to moderately increased but no exceeding five, specifically the mononuclear cells.

The MBP or the myelin basic protein is an important workup in MS. This component of myelin is increased in multiple sclerosis. Still, however, physicians do not recommend using the MBP?s as the marker to indicate the disease process or the progression of multiple sclerosis.

Blood tests

Those with MS must be tested for their B12 and their Folate levels, including their antinuclear antibody, or their ANA titers. Such tests are essential whenever there is evidence of a fast-acting deterioration in the cognition or degeneration of the person?s spinal cord.

Multiple sclerotic people experiencing optic neuritis and spinal cord lesions that are somewhat extensive should go to the laboratory to be tested for NMO or neuromyelitis optica. This test will determine the presence of antibodies of aquaporin 4 flowing within the serum.

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Multiple Sclerosis. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

An ESR or an erythrocyte sedimentation rate must also be taken, along with positive titers of a rheumatoid factor. These specific blood tests help in identifying if the disease being experienced by the person is indeed MS or just a vasculitic disease that apes multiple sclerosis.

Imaging studies

An MRI scan of either the head or the spine, with or without gadolinium, must be performed depending on whichever location the lesions are suspected.

Lesions that appear in relation to the onset of multiple sclerosis typically appear looking like T2 hyperintensities located within periventricular areas. These typical lesions have an ovoid shape and usually affect the white matter only. In some cases, several lesions grow from the corpus callosum of the brain.

Whenever the scans indicate lesions from the corpus callosum, this is termed as Dawson fingers. This term came from the work done by James Dawson back in 1916 as a neuropathologic test at the University of Edinburgh. This kind of condition indicates that the cells associated with inflammation have been distributed perivascularly into the veins and the venules of the brain tissues.

Imaging studies can also show any formations of plaque, especially in infratentorial regions. Moreover, the most common infratentorial areas affected by the plaques are the cerebellar peduncles, the pons? surface and also the white matter part closest to the fourth ventricle.

Once gadolinium is used as the contrast dye, some lesions become luminescent. This result is indicative of an active disease process. Such luminescence means the BBB or the blood-brain barrier has broken down because of a constant subacute process of inflammation, ranging from a few days up to several weeks.

If a combination of both luminescent and non-luminescent lesions is observed, then this would further indicate the chronicity of the disease?s demyelinating process.

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Feb 04 2014

More Information On Multiple Sclerosis

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This interesting article addresses some of the key issues regarding Multiple Sclerosis. A careful reading of this material could make a big difference in how you think about Multiple Sclerosis.

What is it?

Multiple sclerosis, or otherwise known as MS, is actually a disease that affects the nerves of the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain and the spinal cord. In MS, the central nervous system starts to degenerate.

Myelin, which is the protection and insulation for the underlying nerves, is damaged in MS. Since it is responsible for the correct transmission of messages and conduction of impulses that goes along the nerves, any form of damage to it will render the nervous system useless as it may no longer have any control over the entire body. The inflammation associated with MS cause the disappearance of the myelin, leaving the nerve fibers open and completely unprotected.

It is a sad consequence that the electrical impulses being sent along the nerves begin to decelerate and then become very slow. More nerves are damaged because of this condition and the body?s normal functioning are interfered. Normal functions controlled by the body?s nervous system like walking; memory, vision, speech and writing are greatly interfered.

Its distribution in the USA

According to statistical findings, there are more than three hundred fifty thousand people, who live in the United States of American alone, have multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis, up to now, is still an idiopathic disease which means its definite cause still remains unknown. For the last two decades, scientists and researchers have done their best in finding more about the disorders that are associated with the immune system. Moreover, many findings have indicated that multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

The immune system acts against its own.

The body?s immune system acts as the body?s defender against foreign and harmful substances. If there is any aggressor in the midst, the immune system acts right away, identifying the enemy and attacking the invader until the invader is either dead or weak. This whole response is greatly dependent on the proper communication between the immune cells and the production of new cells for the fight against the foreign substance.

After the myelin is damaged, some of it can be repaired as most disappear once the nerves are stripped of their myelin covering. Scarring results and particles are deposited right into the scars formed. Eventually, the forming of scars will lead to the formation of plaques.


The role of genetics is not very clear with regards to multiple sclerosis. But still, reports have determined that Eskimos, European gypsies and the African Bantus do not develop multiple sclerosis. On the other hand, the Japanese, Asians and the Native Indians of both North and South America experience multiple sclerosis but with a low incidence.

The possibility of the general population to develop MS is only one percent. However, for those who have family members, who had the disease before, or at present, increase the chance, especially if it is a first-degree relative.

A first-degree family member such as parent, sister or brother also has a one to three percent of actually having the debilitating disorder. But with twins, things become more difficult. An identical twin has a thirty percent chance of having the disease, where as the nonidentical twin gets only four percent.

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Feb 03 2014

The Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale And Multiple Sclerosis

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What is this scale?

The Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale, otherwise known as the EDSS, is a famous way of quantifying how much is already disabled in a person with multiple sclerosis. This tool replaced the Disability Status Scales which did as much as grouping people with multiple sclerosis.

The Kurtzke EDSS enumerates the disabilities associated with MS or multiple sclerosis according to the established eight functional systems. This then allows many neurologists to allocate a specific functional system score in each. The functional systems are as follows: pyramidal, cerebellar, brainstem, sensory, bowel and bladder, visual, cerebral, and others.

The Kurtzke EDSS gives two distinctive classifications to two different types of damage due to multiple sclerosis, depending on the severity of the disease?s symptoms. For instance, grades 1.0 up to 4.5 mean people who have multiple sclerosis but are fully ambulatory. On the other hand, those who are graded 5.0 up to 9.5 are those who are impaired in their ambulation.

Its discovery

Dr. Kurtzke established this useful scale back in August of 1955. The scale he discovered was initially called the DSS, which evaluated the impairment associated with MS based on a ten-point scale. And then it was in 1983 that Dr. Kurtzke discovered the EDSS. This latest tool became more famous and much more useful because it could evaluate MS-related impairment in all of the main neurological areas.

Even though the EDSS is not so sensitive when it comes to assessing temporary changes in the person?s level of consciousness, this tool is immensely utilized for not just national but also international tests in evaluating just how effective a certain therapy can be.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Multiple Sclerosis. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

The EDSS is predominantly built for assessing the person?s ambulation and not cognition, fatigue or the functioning of the upper extremities.

Its FS Scale

The FS scale or the functional systems scale is important to the EDSS since it assesses and evaluates the seven parts of the central nervous system which have the ability to control the normal functioning of the body. For instance, those who can function normally are graded 0 while those who are unable to finish the assignment are given the grade of 6.

The FS scale of the EDSS is important for those people with multiple sclerosis but can still ambulate since it evaluates where a certain person may have some disability or difficulty.

According to many research findings, the Kurtzke EDSS and a certain scale for the ADL’s or activities of daily living have a symbiotic relationship towards one another. Together, these two scales are able to assess the amount of disability that occurs in multiple domains of functioning, all depending on the person?s subjective report of any of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Although the EDSS is the standard way of finally assessing the amount of disability and impairment, it is still greatly criticized for the putting far too much focus on the use of the lower extremities or the legs and not much attention to the general clinical change.

What are used?

In evaluating the disease status, MRI scans are used by the physicians. However, such diagnostic test is not so correlational with the outcome of the disease, since in multiple sclerosis, majority of the lesions are not seen via the MRI scan. Some even do not have symptoms that can be clinically detected.

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Jan 31 2014

Lifesaving Drug For Multiple Sclerosis

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The following paragraphs summarize the work of Multiple Sclerosis experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of Multiple Sclerosis. Heed their advice to avoid any Multiple Sclerosis surprises.

What the physicians think

Doctors at Liverpool have discovered a drug that can be considered as a miracle treatment for multiple sclerosis, a debilitating and muscle-wasting disease. The scientists held their research and tests at the Walton Neurological Centre and they claim that they have just heralded a breakthrough for the eighty-five thousand multiple sclerotic people in the United Kingdom.

Those who had multiple sclerosis, otherwise known as MS, who suffered from blindness, immobility and paralysis, have described the moments when they have eventually regained their ability to see and to walk again.

What the doctors used for treating such patients were a combination of mitoxantrone, which is a drug for chemotherapy, and copaxone, which is an anti-relapse medication of multiple sclerosis.

The tests

Trials were done to twenty-seven patients and all of them were successful. To further test the drug?s effectiveness, they distributed some amount of the medication to over twenty research centers across the United Kingdom.

The testimonies

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Multiple Sclerosis. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

K. A. fell from a pedestal in a nightclub and was admitted to the hospital in 2002. After some tests, it was found out that she had multiple sclerosis. She was one of the respondents at Walton and she has been using the test drug ever since. In fact, up to now, she still sees the drug as a miracle cure.

A travel agent, who was just twenty-eight years old, suffered from paralysis and believed that he could never ever try walking again. But after four years of treatment with the wonder drug, he has been able to regain the complete use of his body and was able to move around freely. In fact, he got his Masters Degree in Psychology, traveled across five different continents, and excelled in his work. When he was asked, he would praise the drug for giving him his life back, if not making it better.

Another respondent to the experiment was a mother of two children. Her multiple sclerosis already reached its ultimately aggressive levels which caused her to suffer from balance disturbance and extreme fatigue. She was given a short course of the mitoxantrone and copaxone daily. Now, the very same mother is free of relapses and has even participated in the charity race, Race for Life.

Some from Runcorn also suffered from blindness and some problems with his spine. But now, he is back on his feet and has reported a great improvement with regards to his vision.

J. S., who happens to be a motorcycle enthusiast, was doomed to a wheelchair because a relapse took away his ability to walk or to move his body. At thirty-eight years old, he is able to turn his life around. Although he admits that he could never be the wild guy he used to be before, he can at least ride his motorbike again. What makes him truly happy is that he can now get back to work and be more productive.

The conclusion

The spokesman from the MS Society has finally released their statement and said that what they have found out was such a fabulous breakthrough in the medical field, especially for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

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Jan 17 2014

Pathophysiology Of Multiple Sclerosis

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This article explains a few things about Multiple Sclerosis, and if you’re interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don’t know.

What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that is non-contagious. It predominantly affects the brain and the spinal cord. It is mainly characterized by a wide variety of neurological symptoms that are caused by the demyelization of the neurons. Moreover, it is an autoimmune disease in which the body?s very own immune system attacks the central nervous system?s cells and underlying tissues.

What causes it?

The ultimate cause of multiple sclerosis remains unknown. This means that multiple sclerosis is an idiopathic disease. According to scientific research, some viral infections or other environmental factors related to childhood are able to trigger the abnormal reactions associated with the immune system.

On a molecular level, a structural similarity can be discovered between an infectious agent that is not identified and some components of the central nervous system. This similarity causes confusion in the immune system?s fighter cells when the body matures later as the body ages. This whole process is termed as molecular mimicry. And since there is no such thing as a multiple sclerosis virus, it can be declared that the disease is not at all contagious.

Where the WBC come in

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Multiple Sclerosis. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

The body?s white blood cells, more commonly referred to as WBC, have a special subset of cells termed as T cells. These T cells are key players in the development of multiple sclerosis. Normally, these lymphocytes have the ability to differentiate substances or components that belong to the body from those that are foreign. Whenever a foreign body is recognized, the whole immune system is put on alert and the body?s fighter cells attack the foreign body to maintain homeostasis within the body.

However, since multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, it tends to attack itself. The T cells recognize the healthy parts of the central nervous system as something harmful and foreign and attack them as if it is a response aimed at a virus or bacteria.

The T cells attack predominantly attack the myelin which insulates the axons of the nerve cells. This fatty substance is very important, especially when it comes to proper nerve conduction.

About the BBB

There is a normal barrier that goes between the blood and the brain that medical professionals have coined as the blood-brain barrier or the BBB. This BBB is made up of endothelial cells that line the blood vessel walls.

It is during multiple sclerosis that the BBB breaks down and the auto-reactive T cells enter the BBB, when they are clearly not supposed to. After crossing the BBB, the T cells then trigger an inflammatory response that is further mediated by other immune cells namely the cytokines and antibodies. After further inflammatory responses, there is a much bigger opening of the BBB and a wide variety of symptoms are produced.

Moving on, the macrophages are alerted, there is an activation of the MMPs, including other proteases. In short, this all leads to the destruction of the myelin, a process that is termed as demyelization.

Knowing enough about Multiple Sclerosis to make solid, informed choices cuts down on the fear factor. If you apply what you’ve just learned about Multiple Sclerosis, you should have nothing to worry about.

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Jan 13 2014

What Multiple Sclerotic People Should Avoid during Christmas

Category: Multiple SclerosisAnders Eriksson @ 3:57 am

If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Multiple Sclerosis, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of Multiple Sclerosis.

It is a known fact that amidst the Christmas gift-giving and delicious food, the holidays can oftentimes be fairly stressful. Aside from having to personally and actively participate in a number of festivities, it also a must to consistently behave in a festive attitude. Moreover, such event could be even more stressful for those who have multiple sclerosis. The disease?s symptoms and the holidays just do no jive.

In short, if having an active jovial personality for everyone to see during the holidays is not a usual thing, especially with a debilitating disorder, then expect a lot of stress. However, stress is a common accompaniment of the holidays. Christmas time is just not complete without it. There has to be a rush whenever it is time for Christmas shopping, falling in those long lines, having to wrestle items with someone else who claims he or she saw that thing first. The holidays are basically stressful.

This is why sometimes some people get offended because of a case of misunderstanding. And face it; no one wants to have an enemy or someone loathe you during Christmas season. So for those who have multiple sclerosis or MS and are usually left stressed out during the holidays, here is a list of what must be avoided to avoid getting overstressed.

Avoid crowds.

One of the worst symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis is the cognitive dysfunction. This means that communication is not an area a person with MS could excel in. They cannot easily keep up with a certain conversation regardless of who the conversation is with, but especially if there are more than two people who are conversing. With this said, it would be near to impossible to see people with MS randomly chatting with unfamiliar people because of the jovial atmosphere.

To avoid getting stressed out, at the same time still enjoy the company of other familiar people during Christmas season, people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis should just avoid attending parties if most of the attendants are unknown, and also finding corners within a room where a more quite and intimate conversation can be done.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Multiple Sclerosis. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

Avoid unnecessary noise.

Another symptom with MS is the inability to keep a steady train of thought, especially if the noise is too much to take. This means any loud music, the TV playing at high volume or people shouting and cheering. These kinds of environment are the ones that the people with MS should be avoiding.

Think of the risk for infection.

Those with multiple sclerosis are not hypochondriacs, who, in turn, are people who are very paranoid about getting sick. But still, since the immune system is at its lowest, then the risk for infection is high.

Of course, they cannot be locked inside their own homes. Despite the fact that they have MS, they also still have a life to live. They also do not have to act like astronauts in wearing all that protective gear. What they have to avoid are febrile illnesses such as the flu. With today?s pandemic, the H1N1, people with MS have to be extra careful.

To avoid getting such life-threatening diseases, immunocompromised people with multiple sclerosis should make sure that they get the necessary vaccines ahead of time. Also, places that have sick people must be avoided. This does not only mean hospitals or clinics. This also means houses of family or friends who house a sick person like someone who caught the flu.

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Jan 02 2014

The History Of Multiple Sclerosis

Category: Multiple SclerosisAnders Eriksson @ 10:57 pm

What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is believed to have been discovered over many centuries ago. Since then questions have been raised but it is only now that they are actually answered.

After numerous research and many series of studies have been done with regards to multiple sclerosis, it has been found out that multiple sclerosis is one of the diseases affecting the nervous system that are usually experienced by the people.

More about its etiology

This disease affects people belonging to all ages from all walks of life, with a preference towards young individuals. According to statistical research, the women are the most common carriers of this disease, especially to those who reside in the northern parts of the globe.

It has been found out due to research that multiple sclerosis has a genetic susceptibility. However, it is not directly inherited.

Moreover, since this disease predominantly affects the nervous system, neurological symptoms are being manifested. Such symptoms include paralysis, walking problems, loss of vision and numbness. These symptoms are often diverse, extremely confusing and patternless. This makes it even more difficult for a definite diagnosis.

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Multiple Sclerosis. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

These symptoms occur because of abnormalities in the nervous system due to the inability to transmit or the incorrect transmission of signals. A fatty substance that surrounds and acts as an insulator for the nerve fibers is called myelin. It is the myelin that the nerves need in order to correctly conduct the necessary amount of electricity for the body?s normal functioning. However, in multiple sclerosis, the myelin is damaged.

As an autoimmune disease, the body?s own cells and proteins attack its own kind, failing to recognize it as self. The immune system naturally attacks foreign bodies, but since multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder, the body?s very own cells attack its own healthy cells and tissues.

Its early years

Back in the 19th century, people would only listen and believe to hearsay, superstition and the wisdom of the elderly or those who normally take care of whoever was sick. Medications were never tested, and physicians mainly depended on their observing skills for a definite diagnosis. However, upon looking at their journals, it could be derived that they were indeed correct in diagnosing such cases as multiple sclerosis because the information written certainly leads to such disease.

In the 19th century, specifically 1838, there were already drawings of patients who had multiple sclerosis. Although the physicians back then did not have a full understanding of multiple sclerosis and what the disease could lead to, the drawings clearly indicate and who what is today known as multiple sclerosis.

Its detailed discovery

It was a professor named Jean-Martin Charcot who discovered all about multiple sclerosis. It was 1868 and he was a professor of neurology specifically at the University of Paris during the time. He has been given the tag ?father of neurology
because of his many contributions to the world of neurology.

It has been recorded that Professor Charcot got to observe a woman who had tremors which were very new to him. Aside from the tremors, he also saw other neurological symptoms such as abnormal movements of the eyes and blurring of vision. Since the medicine back then was far from being advanced, his patient died. During the autopsy, he found out that her brain had plaques or scars that doctors now know are characteristic of multiple sclerosis.

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