Jan 09 2015

Athens Greece Vacation Guide

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So what is Greece Vacation really all about? The following report includes some fascinating information about Greece Vacation–info you can use, not just the old stuff they used to tell you.

Athens should not be left out in any Greece vacation. First and foremost, it is the capital city of this beautiful country and hence one of the main attractions of the land. Getting to know about Greece is getting to know about life and culture in its cities. And with Athens being a major city, it truly needs a special mention for tourists visiting for the first time.

Athens is a city with about 3.7 million inhabitants. This city is also considered as the birthplace of the whole nation and therefore, also the birthplace of Western civilization. This metropolitan city is bounded by mountains on three sides namely, Mt. Ymettos, Mt. Parnitha and Mt. Pendeli. Inside Athens, there are twelve hills that can be found of which Acropolis and Lykavittos are the most prominent.

Places of Interest
For the tourists, Athens has a lot to offer in terms of attractions and places of interest. One of the most notable ancient landmarks in the city is the Acropolis, the ancient high city where marble temples sacred to the city’s goddess Athena can be found. At the foot of the hill of Acropolis are places worth visiting. These are the districts of Plaka, Monastiraki and Thissio. Notable on these districts are the various restored 19th Century neoclassical homes, restaurants and the picturesque ruins of the city’s Roman era.

Another place worth visiting in Athens is Piraeus, the city’s ancient port. This port still serves as an industrial hub for products going in and out of Greece. It is also where ferry connections to Crete and the Aegean Islands as well as almost all of Attica can be found. Tourists can then head out to the city’s business district, Syntagma Square. A notable landmark of the Square is the old Royal Palace. This is also where most of the major hotels, banks, restaurants and other offices of note are located.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Greece Vacation now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come.

Getting In
Getting to Athens is fairly convenient with it being the Greek capital. This is especially true for tourists from other countries getting in by plane. The city has the new Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport which opened last 2001. It is located just 27 km east of the city center and has become a more attractive and efficient means of getting into Greece. The new airport contains excellent public transit networks that can connect arriving tourists to various points of the city.

From the airport, tourists can get into the city center by Metro, the city’s railway system. The airport Metro is the city’s Line 3 extension which then leads to downtown Syntagma and Monastiraki stations. There are also available buses as well as taxis operating from the airport going into the city.

If coming from other regions of Greece, there are regional coaches that connect Athens to the other cities in Greece. There is also a national railway service available connecting the various Greek cities including Athens. Public transport in Athens is considered relatively cheap with a simplified ticketing system that allows commuters to travel on any means of public transport.

An Athens Greece vacation need not be a problem in terms of transportation since they are readily available from the city.

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Jan 08 2015

You Can Enjoy a Greece Vacation by Sea

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When most people think of Greece Vacation, what comes to mind is usually basic information that’s not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there’s a lot more to Greece Vacation than just the basics.

There are numerous islands to visit when you decide to have a Greece vacation. You won?t be able to see all of them by land so to get from one island to the next you have to get there by sea.

Greece has more than 2,000 islands and islets. Only 169 of them are inhabited. Some of the best places include the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, Ionian Water, the Sporades and the Northern Greece area. You can visit these by joining a tour company or hiring an independent charter.

But when you go on a sailing vacation, which is to better to get a yacht or a boat? You might think that the two are the same but they are not. The yacht is much bigger and it has cabins so you can eat, take a shower and get some rest. Boats are smaller so you can?t spend the night here and you have to head back towards port.

If you plan to have an extended stay on board, by all means rent a yacht. These are available in various sizes and most of these can even accommodate even a large sized family. You can easily book one by booking for it online and getting referred to one by your travel agent.

But how much will a yacht cost so you can have a Greece vacation by the sea? The price varies and this is calculated based on the distance and the fuel consumption of the engine.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of Greece Vacation. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

On average the price for two days is about 45 euro per booking to cover the yacht damage waiver, cleaning and fuel. For a double cabin, you pay 1680 per person while a singles supplement is about 2100 euro. The singles supplement is different from a single cabin since it is smaller so it will only cost you 1100 euro. Lastly, a double cabin is about 1375 euro.

If money is no object, you can get a super luxury yacht that comes with its own crew. The price is about eight to ten thousand euro a day which is equivalent to how much you will be paying if you are staying in one of the super luxury resorts.

So why book for a hotel on the island when most of the time, you will be visiting the various attractions in the other islands? Perhaps it will be better to stay on the boat if the prices are not that far apart so while you are resting, the yacht is able to move to the next island.

This just means that you can enjoy a Greece vacation by the sea. All you have to do is charter a yacht for a week or for as long as a month. In fact the local tourism industry is now doing a lot to promote this kind of leisure activity. It?s a great experience which you don?t do often when in most countries, you travel from one destination to another riding a car or a bus.

The Greek islands are a sight to behold given that there are hundreds of these spread out along the Mediterranean. You will surely get your money?s worth when you decide to spend a Greece vacation because there is no other place on earth that will ever come close to what you see here.

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Jan 04 2015

What to Bring When on a Greece Vacation

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The following article presents the very latest information on Greece Vacation. If you have a particular interest in Greece Vacation, then this informative article is required reading.

Greece may be one of the most fascinating cities in the world. With its rich history and diverse culture, you will surely have fun touring the city and seeing the ancient structures that has defined a great ancient civilization. But how beautiful the place is does not mean that you will be having a good time while on a Greece vacation. Your trip will always depend on how well you packed and how well you planned each and every detail of the trip.

Remember that no matter how great a city is, it is still not your home town and therefore, you will not be as familiar with it s you are when you are on a city that you have lived in. Because of this, it is important that you always be prepared for any eventualities and to always have back-ups inside your bag.

Yes, what you bring to the trip can help you a lot. It will determine whether you will be comfortable on the trip, whether you will be safe and whether you will get lost. Here are some of the things that you can bring to your trip in Greece to help make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

This is one of the essentials of the trip. Without it, the chance of getting lost is greater. If you can?t find a map before you leave, you can always buy from the airport or you can get one from the hotel lobby where you will be saying. If however you will be backpacking, make sure that you first get a map from the local tourism office or from the local bookstore. Check the language used before buying.

Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there’s more to Greece Vacation than you may have first thought.

Another tip with maps is to always have the place you are staying encircled. Ask the receptionist to do it. That way, you will have a reference just in case you get lost. You can just easily point to the encircled place if you want to ask for directions. Remember that not all of the locals will be able to understand and speak English.

Phrase book
This is another vital ingredient in making sure that you will be prepared should something happen. If you can?t find a small phrasebook, you can always ask the hotel or the place where you are staying for some phrases that you may need. For instance, you may want to ask how to say, ?Where is this place? Or maybe the phrase ?Help?. Think of phrases that will help you get help should you need it.

Comfortable shoes
When on a vacation, try to use a comfortable running shoes. Remember that you will be walking a lot during the trip. It will not be good to suddenly have your shoes broken in the middle of a tour or develop muscle spasms from all the walking. Comfy shoes will also make you more mobile and more able to run should you need to run during emergency situations.

You will never know what the weather will be. So it is always good to be prepared. When going out, make sure that you have a raingear with you always. That way, should it rain, you will have something to protect you. A jacket will do with a hood but you can also bring a foldable umbrella.

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Jan 02 2015

Crete Greece Vacation Guide

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Imagine the next time you join a discussion about Greece Vacation. When you start sharing the fascinating Greece Vacation facts below, your friends will be absolutely amazed.

Crete is another interesting place to go to on your Greece vacation. It is one of the more notable and the largest of the many islands in the country. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea in between the Sea of Crete and the Libyan Sea. Crete is about 260 kilometers long and 60 kilometers wide. The island is divided into four prefectures, namely, Chania, Rethimno, Heraklion and Lasithi. Crete is considered one of the most beautiful of the Greek islands and is always worth exploring.

The biggest and main prefecture in Crete is Heraklion. It is home to about 275,000 inhabitants and is the largest city and the considered capital of the whole island. Tourism is the main industry of Crete. Its economy is mainly driven by the arrival of tourists on its shores. That is why it considers its visitors with care and tries to ensure that the tourists would have a wonderful time in the island. After all, it is tourists that pump blood into the economy of the island.

Crete was once considered as the center of the ancient Minoan civilization. The island provides evidences of the achievements, knowledge and power of this ancient Bronze Age culture through the various palaces, tombs and other sacred sites found throughout the area. This provides a historical backdrop that would guide tourists of what to look for while in Crete.

The main language used in Crete is Greek. And because the island is a main tourist destination, many of the inhabitants can understand and speak English. Even those located in the small villages on the island can speak and understand English, making communication with foreigners not that much of a problem on the island.

The best time to learn about Greece Vacation is before you’re in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable Greece Vacation experience while it’s still free.

Getting into the island can be made through various means. By plane, Crete can be reachable through the three significant airports located in the island. There’s the Nikos Kazantzakis airport that is located at Heraklion. There is also the Daskalogiannis military airport available in Chania where tourists can land on Crete. A new public airport is also located in Sitia where visitors can also make use of to get into Crete. There are several flights available for Crete that usually departs from the main island of Greece.

The island can also be reached by ferry. There are various ferry services located in mainland Greece as well as the other islands that service Crete. The trip usually takes 2.5 hours from the mainland. Going around Crete can be done through an inland bus service that operates around the island. The bus schedules are fairly frequent and serves many parts of the island. Some buses even divert trips from their usual route in order to bring tourists to small villages if asked. Public transportation is by far the most convenient and affordable means of going around Crete.

Car rentals are also available if you wish a more private and more personal adventure on your visit to Crete. But tourists may need to bring along their drivers license for this and make sure that the car insurance covers them to the places that would be visited. Petrol stations also close early, usually around 7pm.

It might be important for private car tourists to fill up beforehand so as not to let an empty gas tank on an isolated part of the island spoil your Greece vacation.

When word gets around about your command of Greece Vacation facts, others who need to know about Greece Vacation will start to actively seek you out.

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Jan 01 2015

Greek Destination: Places to Visit for your Greece Vacation

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When you’re learning about something new, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of relevant information available. This informative article should help you focus on the central points.

Greece is located in the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula. It has been attracting tourists from all over the world throughout the year. Its culture, history and landscape has been constantly drawing visitors. There are numerous places to go to, too many sights to see. Let?s map out the places that you need to visit to complete your Greece vacation.

Greece is the destination of lovers, honeymooners, family or individuals that would like to experience a one of a kind vacation. Greece is very diverse. It has rocky coasts, sand dunes, golden beaches, gorges, natural waterfalls, caves, rivers. Generally, Greece is mountainous with extensive coastlines and islands.

There are major cities that also house different tourist ht spot like Athens, Crete, Attica, Santorini, Mikonos, Coorfu, Olumpia, Tessaloniki, Rhodes, Chania, Kos, Thessaloniki, Petras, Heraklion.

The capital of Greece, Athens is a place of cultural, political and touristic importance. Athens offers a variety of top tourist attractions like Acropolis and the Parthenon, the Agora, National Archeological Museum, Sntagma Square, the Plaka, Cape Souniou and the Temple of Poseidon.

Located about three hours from Athens by bus is Delphi. Delphi is a seaside town with historic sites such as Temple of Apollo. The Mykonos, the jewel of the Cycladic Islands, has a beautiful harbor with white-washed houses. The warm Mediterranean climate, it is nice place for scuba diving, windsurfing and other water sports.

Aside from the sights in Athens, the monasteries of Meteora are also popular and one of the famous places with visitors in the world. Rhodes has always been an important port through history. Crete presents visitor myths, legends and history with a beautiful landscape.
Santorini is a romantic place that offers visitors beaches and breathtaking cliff top town named Fira. Beautiful beaches run for many kilometers. In summer, the beaches in Greece are considered to be one of the top beaches in the world. Some of the most popular beaches can be found in Crete, Corfu, Amorgos, Ios, Milos, Paros, Serifos and Kithnos.
As reflection of Greece?s history, there are monuments and temples for the gods and goddesses. Some of the temples that are worth seeing are the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae, Archaeological Site of Delphi, Mount Athos, Monasteries of Meteora, Mystras, Delos, Corfu, The Palace of Knossos, White Tower, Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Byzantine Museum, Ancient Thira, Ancient Akrotiri, The Museum of Prehistoric Thera, and Acropolis of Lindos.

Vacation can never be complete without shopping. There are some wonderful Greek memorabilia that can be bought in the Plaka area in Athens. Greek airports also have shops were last-minute shopping can be done.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Greece Vacation. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

Greece is also a mountainous country. Mount Olympus, known as the home of the Gods in Greek mythology, is the highest mountain in the country. Hiking and climbing activities are available.

Here are some other archaeological finds, museums and monuments that are worth visiting:

? Vrayrona Temple- a beautiful site in Attica, not far from the Athens International Airport.

? Mycenae, Fortress of Time ? Mycenen fortress that still looms over the Peloponesian planes.

? Advanced American School of Classical Studies at Athens- involved in advanced archaeological studies and programs in Athens.

A vacation, a Greece vacation in particular, will be like a hollow one if we did not get to see the best places. Greece is a mix of all the great places and will help every tourist build their vacation in a unique way.

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Dec 30 2014

How to Prepare for a Safe Greece Vacation

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Going on an extended vacation in Greece may seem like the ultimate adventure but it can just as easily turn into a nightmare if you do not plan your trip carefully. Remember that you are going to unchartered territory and should anything happen, you will not be as familiar with the procedures and the people as you are when it happened in your own country.

Here are some tips on how to make sure that your trip is safe and sound.

1. Have a map
There is nothing more dangerous than getting lost in areas that you are not familiar with. This is especially true if you are on a vacation by yourself or if your family is not part of a packaged tour. If you plan to explore the areas on your own, make sure that you have a map with you always. This will not only help you in directions but will also serve as a guide for locals should you ask them for directions.

Another tip is to always mark the spot where you are staying on your map. That way, you will be able to easily point out where you will need to go when you are lost. Remember that not all locals will know how to speak English.

2. Learn basic emergency phrases
It is also a good idea to learn basic phrases that will help you during emergencies. Phrases such as ?Help! Or Can you help me?, ?Where is the with the name of your hotel?? or ?Where is this?? will serve you in good stead during times when you need directions.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Greece Vacation. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

3. Emergency fund
As much as you can, keep your belongings as close to you as possible. Always check for you wallet and passport holders every now and then. Money is a very important commodity when you are outside the country. Without it, you can get hungry and perhaps even go to jail for not paying.

But things do happen no matter how careful you are. If that is the case, it is also good to have emergency money tucked on your pants or somewhere in baggage. That way, should your wallet get lost, you still have some that will help you get through the rest of the week until it is time to go.

For those who rely on their credit cards, carry extra cash and don?t put it on the same area as your credit card. These plastic cards can easily get lost so make sure that you have a back up plan.

4. Stick to the usual
Although it would be wonderful to be able to explore the country all by yourself and to go to places that few people have ever gone before, it is still preferable if you stick to the usual tourist spots. Remember that there is safety in numbers and you will be better off with a crowd around you than go gallivanting all alone in the country.

If you can, stick to the tours. These things may seem boring but if it is your first time to go on a Greece vacation, playing the dumb tourist isn?t so bad. Besides, when it comes to safety, don?t you think a little naiveté when it comes to Greece will not go amiss?

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Dec 25 2014

Greece Vacation Tips

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If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Greece Vacation, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of Greece Vacation.

Going on a Greece vacation can be a fun and exciting experience. But tourists should be expecting something different in terms of stepping into a foreign country. In terms of culture, customs and other aspects, Greece has an entirely unique experience to offer. Here are some of the important things that tourists should know about and expect when traveling to Greece.

Country Profile
Greece is a country located in Southern Europe and shares its borders with Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Its coastlines and islands stretch from the Aegean, Ionian and the Mediterranean Seas. Greece has been part of the European Union since 1992. The country runs under a parliamentary system of government. Greece is considered as a popular tourist destination in Europe. It welcomes over 15 million tourists each year.

Travel Requirements
Because Greece is a member of the European Union, citizens of other EU member countries may freely enter with their national ID card in tow. For those tourists who belong to non-EU countries, a visa and passport is required. But there are selected countries such as Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States that are provided by a 90-day visa-free stay in the country.

Greece is also a signatory to the Schengen agreement along with Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. Traveling between Schengen countries by a non-Schengen citizen may be able to do so by getting only a single visa from any of the member countries. This may be used for multiple entries on other Schengen member countries.

Once you begin to move beyond basic background information, you begin to realize that there’s more to Greece Vacation than you may have first thought.

Greek is the country’s official language and mother tongue. It is being spoken by the vast majority of the population. But English is also a widely spoken language in many parts of the country. And since tourism has become an important industry in Greece many of its destinations already have an increasing number of personnel that can speak and understand English well. Communication with most Greeks does not usually pose a problem for many tourists who visit the country.

The official currency in Greece is the Euro, having replaced the local drachma since January of 2002. Foreign exchanges are also now common in most major cities and other dense tourist areas in Greece. Most banks in the country also offer currency exchanges for tourists. When exchanging currency, it is important to note of getting only notes below 50 Euros. Most Greek businesses are usually reluctant to receive notes larger than 50 Euros, mainly because of a scarcity of change as well as the risk of larger notes being fakes.

Greek cuisine is an interesting blend of traditional as well as foreign influences. A major part of Greek cuisine is influenced by neighboring Turkey. It is common for both countries to have shared dishes. The traditional Greek diet is predominantly Mediterranean which makes heavy use of vegetables, herbs and grains native to the area. And because Greece is largely a maritime country, seafood is an important part of the country’s cuisine.

Other important Greek dishes also make use of pork, lamb, beef and chicken as primary ingredients. Olive oil is also a major staple in Greek cuisine and largely used for many of its most popular dishes. Other common ingredients also include the use of lemon and tomato paste. Bread as well as wine is also a common fixture on every Greek dining table.

Is there really any information about Greece Vacation that is nonessential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.

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Dec 24 2014

Mykonos Greece Vacation

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When going island hopping on your Greece vacation, one of the islands that you must not leave out on your itinerary in Mykonos. Mykonos is an important Greek island that is part of the Cyclades group and located in the middle of the Aegean Sea and close to Paros. Mykonos has been a notable destination for tourists and is considered one of the most recognized travel meccas in Greece. Being one of the most touristed islands in this country, you should expect lots of excitement day or night.

There are many ways to get to the island of Mykonos. Getting there by air is also possible if coming from the Greek mainland. Mykonos has its own airport and there are flights to the island regularly by way or either Athens or Thessaloniki. At the height of the summer season when the greatest number of tourists arrive to take part in the excitement of Mykonos, there are also charter flights available coming from various European routes.

The other means of getting to the island of Mykonos is by sea. There are two choices available for tourists who wish to get to the island by sea. They can either go for the regular ferry that can carry even rental cars as well as buses. But this might be choosing a longer trip as the voyage may take three and a half hours to get to Mykonos. There are also the faster high speed catamarans that serve daily from terminals in Piraeus and Paros, similar with the bigger ferries.

If your Greece Vacation facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don’t let important Greece Vacation information slip by you.

While on the island of Mykonos, there are many ways to get around and explore the island. The island operates an extensive bus network that can take the tourist from almost any point in the island. For the more adventurous spirits, there are also scooters as well as ATV’s available on the island to get to places one wishes without having to stick to schedules. For convenience, there are also taxis that go around the island to serve tourists if the need for them arises.

There are many attractions and places of interests all around the island. The windmills in Mykonos are considered landmarks and should be worth seeing. There is also an area in the city of Mykonos called Little Venice which has become famous for its wonderful balconies. The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos offers tourists a glimpse of the island’s past through the relics found there. There are also artists who live in Mykonos whose works may also be worth taking a look at.

But what really most tourists look forward to when going to this wonderful island is heading to the popular beaches of Mykonos. There are a lot that tourists can choose from. Agios Ioannis Beach is a small enclave of a beach that offers a fantastic opportunity for snorkeling and exploring underwater sea life. It is one of the beaches in Mykonos that rarely gets crowded since it is not one of those commercialized beaches found somewhere else on the island.

For beaches known for the excitement brought by the crowds, one choice would be Paradise Beach. It is a crowded beach usually for tourists under 30 years old. The beach contains large pebbly sand that is convenient to go to especially on windy days. Other choices for a complete Mykonos Greece vacation include Psarou Beach, Elia Beach, Paranga Beach and Ornos Beach.

Now you can understand why there’s a growing interest in Greece Vacation. When people start looking for more information about Greece Vacation, you’ll be in a position to meet their needs.

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Dec 12 2014

Thessaloniki Greece Vacation

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The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Greece Vacation.

Thessaloniki is another part of the country worth visiting on your Greece vacation. This area is located in the Greece district of Central Macedonia. It is a fairly large city, home to about a million inhabitants. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece after Athens, the capital. This city prides itself for its 3000 years of continuous history. And because of this, the city contains quite a number of ancient relics preserved, showing its Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman past.

Getting into Thessaloníki can be quite convenient. There are a number of means of getting into this interesting part of Greece. For tourists from other countries who arrive by air, they usually land at the Makedonia International Airport which serves both international and domestic flights.

Thessaloniki can also be reached by train. There are night train trips available from Athens. There are also day trains that can take tourists into the city. The trip usually lasts from four to six hours. Travel on the train are available on different class choices. The city can also be reached by bus which starts from the Skopje central bus terminal. Some travel agencies also can arrange minibus transports for tourists going to Thessaloníki.

Going to Thessaloniki by bus can be a more favorable option that going to the city by taxi. Some difficulties might be experienced especially when tourists plan to go back to Athens by taxi from Thessaloniki. The problems include visa issues. Taxi drivers from Thessaloníki may agree to bring tourists to Skopje while the same might not always be true the other way around. Greek citizens may enter into the Republic of Macedonia without the need for visas whereas Macedonian citizens may require one to enter into Greece.

If you find yourself confused by what you’ve read to this point, don’t despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

There are many places of interests that tourists can visit at Thessaloniki. They can head on to the White Tower of Thessaloniki, considered as the symbol of the city. The upper Town, or Ano Poli is also worth visiting since it is a place that showcases what remains of the Ottoman Thessaloniki. The area contains many beautiful wooden houses, winding streets as well as the city’s oldest and most important churches.

The waterfront is one of Thessaloniki’s most popular locations. It contains the giant palace that has been reconstructed as the city’s ferry terminal. The waterfront contains a lot of cafes, restaurants and shops that is worth exploring. There are also several museums and archaeological sites worth visiting at Thessaloníki.

Thessaloníki is considered as a gourmet city. The city offers a wide variety of different cuisine ranging from the excellent local fare to the more affluent haute cuisine from other countries. Aside from the local taverns, the city also is home to quite a number of foreign restaurants serving a wide selection of different culinary tastes.

Thessaloniki is also known for its vary active nightlife. So whether tourist prefer exploring the city during the night or the day, there are always something interesting and exciting in store for them. A Thessaloniki Greece vacation should be a priority in every tourist’s vacation plans.

I hope that reading the above information was both enjoyable and educational for you. Your learning process should be ongoing–the more you understand about any subject, the more you will be able to share with others.

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Dec 08 2014

Dream Greece Vacations and Weddings

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Would you like to find out what those-in-the-know have to say about Greece Vacation? The information in the article below comes straight from well-informed experts with special knowledge about Greece Vacation.

Greece is known for being a romantic destination. The Greek islands is the ideal travel destination for a romantic Greece vacation, celebration, honeymoon, anniversary or weddings. From the awe-inspiring sunsets of Santorini to the peaceful opportunity to escape to a world where feelings blossom with ease.

A lot of couples have decided to tie the know in Greece. May people are choosing Greece as a wedding destination because it offers some of the most magical and mystical views, with incredible festivals seemingly every month of the year and some of the world?s most breathtaking sunsets while being reasonably priced.

But to get married in Greece there are some legalities that should be taken care of. Couples are required to present birth certificates that have translated into Greek and that carry an apostille stamp.

Apostille stamp is the seal placed on documents that are used abroad. Letters of No Impediment, also sealed with an apostille stamp stating that both are free to legally marry. This would serve as the marriage license.

After finishing of the formalities and the technical aspects of the wedding, then the planning for the wedding and the actual ceremony starts. To make guided and well-informed decisions, then it would be better to hire a wedding consultant in Greece. Getting a local consultant, will help you decide on the locations and other aspects of the wedding.

Wedding consultants in Greece are pretty much affordable. There are many affordable services that handle all of the paperwork and offer packages for Civil Ceremonies, Catholic Ceremonies, Gay Ceremonies as well as Greek Orthodox.

Locations are certainly breathtaking, since there are great places with extraordinary ocean views and amazing sunset. For those who are adventurous, then there are weddings that ca be performed in Mount Olympus and the isle

Perhaps, a bit more adventurous locale will best suit your passions and Mount Olympus an the isle of Cyprus could just be the prefect selection. Cyprus is the third largest isle in the Mediterranean and each year more and more couples are exchanging vows stop the isle’s highest peak, Mount Olympus. It is also the location of the of the annual festival to Aphrodite in the fall and one of the best times to mix festivals and merriment with your special day.

Another of the many Greek isle, Santorini is among the most popular venues for weddings. It is easy to comprehend why. What could be more mystical than exchanging vows in the shadow of a volcano overlooking the clear blue sea?

The information about Greece Vacation presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about Greece Vacation or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes.

Other technical aspects or requirements of weddings are the following:

? Bride and groom?s passports and a photo copy of each passport. No apostille necessary and no translation necessary.

? Marriage License/Registration of Marriage from your City Hall.

? Documents to be authenticated with the apostile: the apostille must be issued by the state/country where your document was issued.

Other important things to remember:

? European & US citizens must obtain a Marriage License.

? US citizens must ensure the Marriage License states the name of the person who they wish to marry.

? Couples who will remain in Santorini for less than 24 hours in total must obtain a Marriage License and not a Single Status Letter.

? If Divorce is in the event, then there should be a photocopy of it, no translation is needed.

Everybody dreams to have a unique and one of a kind wedding, then try it next time. Try your romantic, celebration of marriage and joys and exhaustion of a Greece vacation and wedding.

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