Aug 31 2013

Keeping Ducks: Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you looking for some inside information on Keeping Ducks? Here’s an up-to-date report from Keeping Ducks experts who should know.

Why raise ducks?

Basically, ducks are raised for commercial purposes. There are around 1 million duck farmers presently around the United States, and they are the main source for supply in the US market for duck meat. Ducks are also raised for their eggs, but they are not on a large-scale since ducks are not good layers as compared to chickens. Campbell ducks are copious layers but they are small so you can?t get enough meat from a single duck.

Domestic duck keeping is gaining popularity as well. Most people find it relaxing when they watch a flock of ducks swimming through a small pond in their garden. Ornamental ducks, also called bantam ducks, are raised as pets. However, they are still edible.

Can you raise duck if you don?t have a farm?

Of course you can. If you have a spacious room or a place that is dry, well-ventilated and free from predators, you can start raising ducks for family or domestic purposes. If you want to raise baby ducks as pets, you can get a shoebox ? the size depends on the number of ducks you have. Some people in suburban areas now have pet ducks.

Do I need a pond to keep ducks?

No, you don?t need a pond. Your ducks will grow healthy even if they don?t swim in a pond. However, they will be happier when they can swim. You can use a plastic pool for their artificial pond. Many have found these to be very relaxing and a great addition to their yards.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

How many eggs does a mother hen lay?

During their first year, layer ducks can lay at least one egg a day. After the succeeding seasons, the rate of egg-laying gradually decreases. If you raise ducks in a suburban home, you can?t keep all of the eggs. If you decide to let them hatch, their number will increase to an unmanageable rate. Better, you can give them to your neighbors or your friend who also want to raise ducks from egg to adults.

Do hens need a drake (male duck) to lay eggs?

No, unless you are raising a duck farm. A drake is only needed to fertilize the eggs, but ? just as with any other kind of poultry animals ? the hens will lay eggs whether or not there is a drake.

Are duck eggs like chicken eggs?

They are similar, but they are not exactly alike of course. The size of duck eggs vary according to their breeds. Some eggs have the same size, while some are smaller. When you cook duck eggs, they are a bit creamier than chicken eggs and have a richer flavor.

Can I raise ducks with my usual pets such as dogs and cats?

Naturally, cats and dogs are predators. So, they will chase, even eat, your pet ducks. However, if your cats or dogs are trained, they will learn not to harm the ducks if you tell them not to do so.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of Keeping Ducks. Share your new understanding about Keeping Ducks with others. They’ll thank you for it.

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Aug 30 2013

Raising Tips: Gearing up for Chickens

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Have you ever wondered what exactly is up with Raising Chickens? This informative report can give you an insight into everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Raising Chickens.

Certain equipments must already be present upon the arrival of the chickens in your own backyard. You have to be geared up before presenting your not so baby chicks outside the world. The transition period can be quite stressful therefore being prepared can help you rid of half of the stress.

You have to purchase a lot of items for your chicks to stay comfortable from where they would lay. You need to pamper them so that when selling or butchering day comes, there are no regrets.

1. Food

Without this, who will live? The food you will give will entirely depend on the kind of chicken that you have. But to sum it up, just give something that is ?complete?. It must contain the right food substance that your chickens will need like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and minerals and if the budget can still take it, buy them vitamins. There are two kinds of feeds: conventional and organic. Either of the two can be purchased online or at an agricultural poultry store.

If the time has come for your chickens to lay eggs or is about 20 weeks old, purchase a layer feed. But if they are younger than 20 weeks, starter feed is highly recommended.

2. Waterer and Feeder

Purchase a waterer and feeder that are suspended from the ground. They should hang at least a couple inches off it. A very good advantage when purchasing such items is that they will prevent your chickens from jumping on top of it and smudging off their feet filled with feces inside the container. An automatic refill feature is also included which is very reliable during times when you have to go somewhere and will take you a couple of days before you come back. Worry-free.

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole Raising Chickens story from informed sources.

3. Bed

Yes, no matter how absurd it seems, you have to provide them with the proper bedding to keep them warm, comfortable, healthy and happy. But this doesn?t mean that you have to buy them sheets from Best Buy. Beddings can be in the form of a pile of clean haystack, old or used newspapers, or if you wanted it to be extra special, there are beddings that can be bought online or in a poultry store.

Beddings are best inside the coop where it can provide chickens a soft surface to roam around with. Beddings are also beneficial for your flock because it absorbs the odor and droppings. You don?t want a foul-smelling coop, right? Another advantage of the bedding is that is saves the eggs from cracking making it an area where eggs are safe to land.

There are a lot of bedding varieties. But whatever the bedding that you?ve chosen, always make it a point that it is at least two inches thick and is truly absorbent.

4. Dust Baths

If you see your chickens digging a shallow hole and creating a mess with dirt, they are dust bathing! Chickens enjoy bathing in dust. But did you know that when chickens take dust baths, they are actually protecting themselves from parasites and those creatures that find it interesting to live inside their legs and feathers. Therefore, it is necessary to have dust baths.

If you have a dry area in your chicken run that has patches of fresh ground, it?s the perfect spot to do their thing. But if your pen consists of entirely cement, worry not, because there are artificial dust baths available in agricultural stores.

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Aug 30 2013

A Brief History of Parachutes

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Have you ever wondered if what you know about Parachuting is accurate? Consider the following paragraphs and compare what you know to the latest info on Parachuting.

The physics behind a parachute is easy to understand. But making real ones are far from easy. Making toy parachutes seem like a good idea for an easy science project but experimenting with different variations is not as easy as tying strings to a fabric. Making parachutes for use in real life takes a lot of risk and accuracy.

Before modern parachutes gave us the thrill of skydiving it took a lot of guts for early investors to design parachutes that actually work and not fall them to their death. The history of parachutes went through a lot of development and a few deaths.

The modern parachute was invented by Louis-S├ębastien Lenormand in 1783. However there are earlier versions of parachutes created by a few centuries earlier. Before the silk parachute was invented, there were basic designs built that worked in the same principles.

Parachutes, past and present

The earliest form was a cloak attached to wooden struts. It was made by an Arab Muslim named Arem Firman in the 9th century. He jumped from a tower in Cordoba and suffered only minor injuries. Parasols were used in China for entertainment. It allows entertainers to jump form high places and float to the ground.

Leonardo da Vinci also sketched parachute with conical designs. It served as an escape device to enable people to jump from burning buildings. In 1617 Faust Vrancic was the first person to be able to make a successful jump with a parachute.

Jean Pierre Blanchard developed his own parachute as a means to get off a hot air balloon. His first demonstrations were done with a dog as the passenger. He later on unintentionally put his invention to the test as he escaped from his ruptured hot air balloon.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

In the 1790′s he made a parachute out of silk which were more stringer and lighter than previously used materials. Early parachutes were made of linen with a wooden frame.

Andre Garnerin invented the vented parachute in 1797 and made a successful jump using Blanchard’s design. The vented parachute improved stability during descent. Gleb Kotelnikov invented he knapsack parachute. It was popularized by Katchlen Paulus and Paul Letterman.

The first major use of parachutes was in the military. It was by artillery spotters and pilots. Unfortunately the parachutes were heavy and pilots were not able to use it entirely. The German Air Service provided parachutes to their pilots. Unfortunately there were many setbacks that most of the pilots died when using them.

Leslie Irvin was able to invent a parachute that can be used by pilots when jumping out of an airplane in 1919. The Irvin parachute became successful leading to the creation of the Caterpillar Club.

Experiments on parachutes were continued by several countries. It was then used in surprise attacks by dropping soldiers in enemy lines in World War II. The soldiers were called paratroopers. Airborne forces and crew were trained and equipped with parachutes.

Their designs were developed and improved over time. After the war parachutes were used in skydiving which is an extreme sport. The latest parachute is called Ram-air which has the same capability of a paraglider.

It enables its passenger to control the speed and direction of the parachute for a soft landing. It’s made of nylon and uses the latest technology to prevent tearing.

Now you can be a confident expert on Parachuting. OK, maybe not an expert. But you should have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on Parachuting.

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Aug 29 2013

Triggers of Psoriasis

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Nobody would disagree that psoriasis is a complicated skin disorder, aside from being chronic. For quite some time, science has been trying to identify the exact cause of the condition. It could be difficult to fully understand the molecular level of this skin disease.

You probably have heard a few scientific explanations (though those are still initial and preliminary in nature). According to several research efforts, psoriasis is developed when there is mutation in several genes. Such mutations are believed to make the immune system produce antibodies that then attack not just potential disease-causing organisms and entities but also the several skin cells.

Aside from the genetic factors, several environmental causes have been observed to trigger the onset of psoriasis. Be reminded that the following environmental factors just speed up the onset or manifestation of the skin disorder. It would still yet to be studied whether eradicating such factors could effectively help prevent psoriasis in general.

Weather is one environmental factor often identified with psoriasis flare. Some people believe weather is a very strong trigger. Several psoriasis patients observe that rashes caused by the skin disorder worsen during cold, winter months. On the contrary, many observe that rashes caused by psoriasis tend to improve whenever exposed to direct sunlight during summer or warmer months.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following:

Injury skin is identified as a cause for appearance of psoriasis patches. It usually takes about two to six weeks before any skin lesion develops into psoriasis (take note in people with psoriasis). Specific types of skin injuries that are observed to lead to psoriasis flares include abrasion, sunburn, drug and viral rashes, and skin friction due to clothing or rubbing in skin folds like under the breasts and armpits.

Many people could not easily link stress and psoriasis flares. But science has been trying to explain the occurrence. To date, no concrete explanation is yet released, but it has been a common knowledge that psychological stress triggers psoriasis attacks. Patients may also do a little experiment. Whenever there is a sudden stressful happening that affects patients, it is expected that psoriasis rashes tend to worsen. It is the same reason why daily stress is also identified as a trigger. In addition, a research also found that patients with high levels of anxiety are twice less likely to manifest positive response to psoriasis treatment than patients who worry less.

Needless to say, viral and bacterial infection could trigger psoriasis flare. HIV or human immunodeficiency virus increases severity of psoriasis, but does not boost its frequency. In children psoriasis flares are usually triggered by attacks of streptococcal bacteria that causes infections like sore throat, tonsillitis, impetigo, cellulitis, and tooth abscesses.

Lack or low level of vitamins could also be a strong cause of psoriasis. In particular, very low calcium levels in a patient could trigger psoriasis. It is also interesting to note that low vitamin D levels do not cause flare ups, though medications sourced from the vitamin could help effectively treat the skin disorder.

Lastly, it is also logical that several drugs do speed up manifestation of psoriasis. Such treatments (for other diseases) include beta blockers for hypertension, lithium for bipolar disorders, chloroguine for malaria, and indocin for arthritis and gout. Corticosteroids are found to help drastically improve psoriasis but there is a downside: immediately stopping intake of such drugs could effectively trigger psoriasis flares.

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Aug 28 2013

Raising Chicken Tips: Baby Poultry Brooding Plan for the Floor

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A brooding plan for the floor of poultries must be clean and sufficient enough to raise chickens. If not, there would be problems you dare not want to encounter. For planning, preparation is the best way to welcome your backyard mates. First, we plan the necessities, then you worry after everything is intact.

How do you go about planning and building the brooding floor?

Step 1

There are wide selections of products that can be purchased for brooding that will provide a draft free and comfortable environment. For a cardboard ring that is formed around the area suitable for brooding, the popular 13 to 19 inches high ring is commonly used. If you?re planning for a 50-chick capacity, a diameter of 5 ft circle is needed.

Assuming you want to increase the number of chicks, the ring diameter must also be increased that is proportioned with the number of chicks added. This is to reduce the negative outcomes of overcrowding. Aside from the huge cardboard boxes, your child?s plastic pool or an old tank can be an alternative.

Step 2

You have to cover the floor using one to two inches of materials that are absorbent and do not mat that easily. Shavings, ground corncobs, rice hulls, etc. can be your choices. Cedar shavings are not to be used for these are toxic and can lead to chicken poisoning. For the litter, the covering must be of cheesecloth, burlap, towels made of paper, and other materials that are non-slick.

This is appropriate for the first 3 days. With this, there will be easy access for feeding the babies via sprinkles above the material. It will also lessen the possibility for the chicks to have sprattle legs. Lastly, it will prevent litter eating.

Step 3

For a 50-chick capacity, you have to provide adequate heat from lamps. It must be a 250-watt with reflector. Regardless of the baby number, it is required to install at least 2 heat lamps. Picking is the result if the lamp reflects excessive light. That is why red heat lamps are more preferred. Red heat lamps provide sufficient light without going beyond its temperature. Heat lamps are hung at least 18? just above the litter. Inspect the light if they really provide the needed heat.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and Raising Chickens experts is time. If you’ll invest a little more time in reading, you’ll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to Raising Chickens.

Step 4

Feeder lids should be made available for feeding. Cut a box down to an inch on its sides. If you are raising game birds and bantams, sides with only three quarters or less is preferred.

Step 5

Wire the brooder system of the floor. A wire floor is required out of materials that are not larger than a half-inch cloth. For raising game birds and bantam, a floor with a size of one-fourth inch is preferred.

Step 6

As specified by the manufacturer, the floor should be of adequate space. This is because the manufacturer recommends the appropriate number of chicks that can be started within the vicinity of the brooder. Check the heat if it is working properly.

Step 7

Provide a 15-watt red night-light. This serves as the brooder?s light during the night for them to see properly.

Step 8

Providing water troughs is wise but can also be a problem for it provides not only sufficient but also excess water access.

After all of these are brought together, make sure that things are working properly and things won?t result to jeopardy. These are just the basics for raising your chickens.

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Aug 27 2013

Psoriasis Triggers

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If you have even a passing interest in the topic of Psoriasis, then you should take a look at the following information. This enlightening article presents some of the latest news on the subject of Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a disorder that is characterized by red, scaly and sometimes itchy growth of skin suddenly appearing in any part of the body. Many medical experts believe that the disorder may be caused by the immune system not working normally. Psoriasis can also have various triggers that may cause it to appear suddenly on the skin without any warning.

There are a variety of triggers that may lead to psoriasis in many people. The problem with the disease is that it may suddenly crop up without showing any prior symptoms or signs. Some people may experience good days when their skin clears up and some bad days when the psoriasis suddenly appears. The appearance of the associated symptoms is usually heralded by certain triggers that will jumpstart the abnormal skin growths.

One of the more common triggers of psoriasis is infection. Various studies have shown that certain infections may easily trigger psoriasis in some people. One of the most common infections that doctors have seen to trigger an outburst of psoriasis is one caused by the streptococcus bacteria. It has been common for doctors to see people having a strep throat infection to develop their first psoriasis outbreak several weeks later.

A strep throat is not the only infection that can trigger psoriasis in people. There are other known infections that may do the same thing on some patients. A thrush infection can sometimes lead to a case of severe inverse psoriasis. The human immunodeficiency virus may also trigger psoriasis outbreaks in some people. Staphylococcal skin infections such as those that cause boils may also trigger psoriasis. Other viral upper respiratory infections may also bring about psoriasis. Treating the underlying infection will usually also clear out psoriasis.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

Certain medicines are also known to trigger a psoriasis outbreak on the skin. Some people may develop certain reactions to certain medications that may cause psoriasis to flare up. One of the more common examples is anti-malaria medication. Many dermatologists have observed that a considerable number of patients taking anti-malarial drugs may also experience their very first case of psoriasis after several weeks.

Beta-blockers are also known as medications that can trigger a psoriasis flare up. Beta blockers are the usual medications used to treat high blood pressure in people as well as certain heart conditions. They are known to worsen a case of psoriasis in some people. Anti-inflammatory medication such as Indomethacin is also known to worsen psoriasis in people.

Corticosteroids are often used as an effective treatment for psoriasis. The use of such medications should be properly handled and prescribed by doctors since they can also trigger the same condition that it treats. Corticosteroids are known to aggravate psoriasis if overused or if the medication is suddenly withdrawn.
Skin Injuries
Skin injuries can also trigger psoriasis to worsen. People with psoriasis may usually see their condition worsen with new skin injuries such as cuts or burns. This condition is known as the Koebner phenomenon where skin injuries would likely also bring about the development of psoriatic lesions.

Stress is another trigger of psoriasis. Scientific studies have shown that stress can aggravate the flare up of psoriasis in people. It can worsen an existing flare up and can even worsen itching. Some people may even have their very first psoriasis experience after a very stressful event in their lives.

Sometimes it’s tough to sort out all the details related to this subject, but I’m positive you’ll have no trouble making sense of the information presented above.

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Aug 27 2013

Common Misconceptions about Psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a common skin disorder but still, many misconceptions circulate and continue to exist about the condition. Even some sufferers of the disease have obvious and practical misunderstandings about it. In the Biblical times, people have thought psoriasis is a form of leprosy, the most dreaded and most contagious skin disorder. It is time such misconceptions are corrected. Psoriasis is not related to leprosy in any way.

There are many other myths that are perpetuating about psoriasis. It is important to identify the most common of them. It would also be appropriate if such myths would be properly addressed, reviewed, and corrected so as to help curtail the misconceptions about the disease.

Psoriasis is contagious. As mentioned, even in the Biblical times, people thought the disorder could be passed to others through direct skin contact. Because of the condition?s appearance, it is easy for most people to easily conclude that it could be transferred. The truth is that there is no other way that psoriasis could be communicated. It is genetic or hereditary in nature. That means sufferers are born with it. On the other hand, flare ups could be triggered by several factors like weather, infection, stress, or intake of other medications.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

Psoriasis is caused by ?dirty? blood. This could be a sarcastic remark against sufferers of the condition. The truth is that no blood is dirty. Second, blood of psoriasis patients have high levels of TNF alpha, which should not be regarded as contaminants or waste products mixed with blood. TNF alpha are natural compounds found in blood. They are just higher in volume in psoriasis sufferers. Though hereditary in nature, psoriasis is not due to contaminated blood.

Psoriasis is a form of cancer. Apparently, the skin condition makes skin cells grow rapidly and abnormally. However, this disorder is not linked in any way to skin cancer. Psoriasis may look like an abnormally growing skin, with patches and redness, but it is not in any way a form of cancer. That is why there is no reason for any sufferer to think psoriasis is fatal or it may cause unbearable pain. It is just coincidental, according to experts, that risk of lymphoma is higher in psoriasis sufferers (2%) than in the general population (1%).

If you do not know any in your family who has psoriasis, you would not have it. While the idea of the skin disorder as hereditary in nature supports this assertion, it is not always correct. Psoriasis affects about 2% of the global population. Most patients could recall or identify relatives with the disorder. However, there are also many sufferers who could not. There may be other family members you do not know who have exhibited the condition. Those relatives may already have been dead long before you knew them. Some relatives may already have been good in hiding the condition out of embarrassment especially in the past.

There is cure for psoriasis but it has been kept secret. Many marketers love to arouse curiosity and interest by claiming to have developed secret cures for the disorder. The truth is that psoriasis is treatable but it is not curable. Psoriasis treatments are meant to relieve flare ups. Cure to get rid of psoriasis for good is yet to be formulated and developed.

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Aug 26 2013

Keeping Crested Ducks

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The following paragraphs summarize the work of Keeping Ducks experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of Keeping Ducks. Heed their advice to avoid any Keeping Ducks surprises.

With powder-wisp of feathers planted on the head, the Crested Duck is certainly an eye-catcher. An average-weight duck breed, the Crested ducklings can grow fast, making them very prolific ducks for their meat, and they are also good egg layers.

A mature crested drake can weight about 6-7 lbs, and the mature Crested female can weight about 5-6 lbs. The American Poultry Association recognizes two Standard of Perfection for Crested ducks, the Black and White varieties. Other types such as the Grey, Blue and Buff have been a good interest for raisers, and crests can appear on other varieties as well. Crested ducks usually have a large body and should be symmetrical on the forehead when in idle position.

The crested feature of this breed is linked to the fatal situation during incubation. Duckling with both genes for the crest cannot hatch. Of these ducks that hatch, usually a third of them will not have the crest. It is very easy for a raiser to see how the crest will develop on the ducklings, so they can choose which stock to raise and sell the rest as baby ducks, instead of feeding them until they mature.

If you find yourself confused by what you’ve read to this point, don’t despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

The crest is basically an abnormality appearing in any color. This is a result of the mutation linked with bone deformities and is has been known for centuries. There are those raisers who claimed that the deformation first appeared in Britain and that is a notion that has been a subject for debate, but it has been recorded in guide books and poultry manuals already as early as the 17th century. The mutations can appear occasionally on any breed of ducks. Careful breeding can increase the number of ducks with the same features.

The crest can appear from a lump of fatty tissues, which surface through a small hole in the skull. From this tissue, protruding feathers grow. The crest can differ from concentrated crests, plump crests, powder puffs, and contorted lumps with just a few plumages, or the rare ear lump when the hole glides near the ears.

The crested breed can be cross-bred with any duck breed excluding the Muscovy, as a parent Crested will produce only a small percentage of crested ducks. Most crested ducks rarely breed successfully but when they do, they are very good livestock. If you are using a crested female with a large crest, you should observe that the male duck will use the crest during the copulation, and the female can be injured during this. The clump of feathers on the head of the female, that rarely appears and is known as an object of attraction, when selected and bred for the offspring, will not carry the crested gene to the line, so a crested male will be needed to turn any breed crested, so watch them during mating.

As you have realized now, breeding crested ducks is a very challenging task and not for amateurs; also if the crest is very large and it hampers the eating and basically, living of the duck, you should trim it to give them a normal life.

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Aug 25 2013

Parachute Shapes: History and Relevance

Category: ParachutingAnders Eriksson @ 5:02 pm

Parachutes are fairly easy to make, as toy ones that is. However the parachutes that are made to use for real life is not as easy as you think. Parachutes have gone through a lot of development but at the costs of several lives.

When you’re free falling thousands of feet up in the air you can fall like pot from a window and literally break when you smash into the ground. No one wants this to happen. Parachutes have to made and prepared correctly. Fortunately modern designs have enabled safer and softer landings.

The shape of a parachute is very important. Parachutes have come in different shapes through the years. Improvements have led to the creation of more stable ones in square shapes.

Shapes and surface area

The early forms before the modern design was invented were conically shaped. They were usually made up of cloth and wooden struts. The very first one was a conic shaped parachute stiffened by wooden struts in 9th century.

The inventor was able to make a landing from a tower in Cordoba and suffered only minor injuries. Leonardo da Vinci made sketches of them but there were no evidence that showed it was put to use.

Now that we’ve covered those aspects of Parachuting, let’s turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

It was also used for entertainment because it enabled people to jump and float to the ground which was very fascinating at that time. In China parasols were used for entertaining people. A breakthrough in the development was made when silk was used. This time parachutes were intended to be used for disembarking from a hot air balloon.

In 1783 the modern parachute was invented. The shape was round and was compared to the jellyfish. Its major use was in the military in World War I and II. It was given to artillery spotters and pilots. Unfortunately they were heavy in those times. Further developments lead to the creation of paratroopers. These were soldiers dropped into the enemy lines for attack.

There are variations to the round shape parachute. Additions were made for other purposes. Annular and pull down apex were round parachutes with suspension lines. Ribbon and ring designs on the other hand are made for deployment at super sonic speeds.

It later on developed into a cruciform or square shape which is also used in modern designs today. The design gave the parachute more stability. Further improvements enabled the passenger to steer the parachute to a landing site. Modern designs are called “Ram air” with parafoils that enable the skydiver to control the speed and direction of the parachute.

The shape of the parachute is important because of its relation to surface area. The surface are is responsible for creating drag or air resistance which slows down the descent. The surface area blocks the air which creates the drag. The problem is the force of the air changes the parachute’s shape. This spills the air out of the parachute. A distorted parachute has less surface area which leads to less air resistance and more speed.

This is what makes creating parachutes more complicated than you think. The size of the parachute will depend on the payload or weight of its passenger.

Other materials also play a part in stabilizing the parachute and make sure that the canopy does not rip. Fortunately there are experts who can take care of that for us.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of Parachuting. Share your new understanding about Parachuting with others. They’ll thank you for it.

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Aug 24 2013

Raising Tips: Give your Chicken Treats

Category: Raising ChickensAnders Eriksson @ 8:29 pm

Imagine the next time you join a discussion about Raising Chickens. When you start sharing the fascinating Raising Chickens facts below, your friends will be absolutely amazed.

Like children and adults, chickens also need treats that will motivate them to live healthy and happy. But! Unlike children and adults, the treats for chickens are different and are more nutritious. Compared to human treats that mostly comprises of chocolates, candies, and other sweets, chicken treats are more on veggies and fruits.

Yogurt is a classic favorite of them birds. They are tasty and are very good to the intestines. This is also a good source of calcium that can contribute greatly to the structure and health of the eggshell. But the most favorite and is very popular among every living chicken is the worm! They will eat it so fast and not a single evidence of it will linger.

Chickens, even with puny brains, have in it the command to like or dislike a certain treat. Below are some of the things that in general, chickens will come running for. If the first one didn?t work, scratch it off then proceed to the next. Bon appetite!


May come in raw type or in applesauce. The seeds contain a small amount of cyanide but it?s so small that it can?t affect the chicken?s health.


One of the good treats. This is also high in potassium thus; it is good for muscle activities.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

A fun way of giving them this treat is to tuck it on the side of their cage and let them pick on it till the very last piece comes off.


Given as a whole, you can hang this from the ceiling coop especially during winter days so they have something to put their mind and energy to.


Either given in a raw or cooked state, they will, at any cost eat it wholeheartedly. You can even give them the leaves without even worrying that it will just be another rotten veggie inside the coop because they will eat it all up.


You, yourself know that it is a sin eating your own kind. They might just like it but then the feeling would be wrong.

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Raising Chickens. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

Live Crickets

You can choose to hunt it or otherwise buy it in a pet or bait store. This is also a nice treat to give them. You can watch them run around chasing the critters plus it is a good source of protein.

Mature Cucumbers

Give the mature ones because they love it when the seeds and flesh is soft enough to peck on.

Cooked Eggs

Still a good source of protein. Do not give anything that is uncooked because if you do, then you?re teaching them to eat their own eggs in a raw state.

Fish or Seafood

Give moderately so as not to give your eggs a different kind of flavor.


Nasturtiums, marigolds, pansies are good treats. But make sure that these flowers are all natural. Meaning no kind of chemical or pesticide has touched it.


There are exceptions. But the best fruit treats are peaches, pears, cherries, etc. Some say that it is not wise to give fruits to egg laying hens but some would beg to differ.


If you are giving grapes to baby chickens, don?t forget to cut it in pieces to make it easier for them to swallow.


When you say ?leftovers?, it must be something that came from a human?s plate minutes after mealtime is over. It must be edible. Anything that came out of your fridge that is considered as moldy or spoiled is not advisable. Don?t give anything salty.

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